Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BGG Chats with Musiq Soulchild!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with neo-soul, R&B singer Musiq Soulchild. We discussed his participation with last month's Coca-Cola's "BE" message, which is communicated through a print campaign that inspires the human spirit through contemporary illustrations with original poetry. We also discussed his latest CD, "On The Radio." From his sweet and sultry ballads to mid-tempo songs, Musiq always deliver music that speak to the masses.

Check out our Q&A:

BGG: Why did you choose to be a part of the Coca-Cola sponsored campaign?
Musiq: I was inspired by it because I believe that people should be encouraged to acknowledge historical events, but also acknowledge and recognize what’s going on in our day and time and what’s being contributed to our communities. In fact, I believe that everybody can contribute to black history. I know that many people only think about it when February comes around, but it’s a good thing that there’s a time set aside for it, but everybody can do whatever they can throughout the year.

Even though this campaign was intended for Black History Month, we (Coca-Cola) want it to be something that can be perpetuated throughout the year because we live it everyday. I just thought it was a genius way of revamping Black History Month. Coca-Cola is one of the companies that actually did something for Black History Month and I just wanted to be a part of that.

BGG: Out of the campaign’s message: “BE Legendary,” “BE Driven,” “BE Giving,” and “BE Heard,” which one do you feel is the most important for young people to be?
M: It’s challenging to choose because you need all of those actions in order to achieve your goals and reach your dreams. It pays for you to be “giving” in order for you to know how to receive. There are many people who are so focused on what they can get out of it or what people can do for them, but not a lot of individuals consider what they can do for others. Whenever you give, you open that door to receive. You have to be “heard” because nobody knows what’s going on in your head or what you want out of life and nobody knows what your intentions are so it’s good for you to speak up for yourself. There’s something to be said about articulating and communicating your thoughts and ideas to a person, a group of people or to the entire world.

Let your thoughts and views on life to be heard because it might inspire other people. It’s going to take the pursuit of being “legendary” to persevere through any obstacles that may come your way. You have to recognize that problems are just there to challenge you and for you to get through them and overcome them. It takes being “driven” to recognize that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals.

BGG: How do you think the recent election of our new president will impact young African-American people?
M: I think it will impact young African-American people greatly, but more so, I think it’s going to impact young people in general. President Barack Obama is in office because he was BE, he dared to be legendary; I just think that is inspirational. Again, I believe that ultimately young people in general will be impacted.

BGG: What can people who haven’t already purchased, “On My Radio,” expect when they listen to your CD?
M: If you’ve already been exposed to my music, this album is a little more diverse. I intentionally made it that way because I wanted to enhance people’s perspective of me musically. I wanted people to know that there’s more to Musiq Soulchild than making ballads all day. I love making ballads; in fact I can do that in my sleep because it’s very simple for me. However, not everybody listens to that kind of music and I wanted to make music for anybody who’s willing to listen. So in this case, I wanted to be heard in a different way than from what people already know and expect from me. If you haven’t heard my stuff and you’re interested in what I have to offer, I’d just say that it’s a nice body of work.

BGG: What does Musiq listen to? Who are some of your favorite musical artists? Past or Present.
M: Past, a lot of great soul artists like, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway a lot of jazz and reggae artists like Bob Marley and John Coltrane. Present day, Kanye West, Jazmine Sullivan there’s a lot of different people out there that I’m listening to right now.

BGG: Do you feel as though music is taking a shift in a bit more positive direction?
M: I think there have always been positive aspects in music; it’s just that the attention has been put on other things. I think the attention is being put on more things, than not recently, which is a good thing because we could really use a lot more positive reinforcements.

BGG: Who or what would you say is your single most inspiration for creating music?
M: People inspire me. My pursuit in providing good service to my fellow persons through music inspires me.

BGG: What do you hope people get from your music?
M: I’d like to be known as an artist. I don’t think that it’s fair to create parameters around an artist. If an artist wants to just do one thing and stick to that script then it’s cool, but if that person chooses to change because they’ve changed as people and they want to communicate that change, people should at least leave room to entertain it because it might be something that you’ll like. I want people to know that I’m an artist – I just express myself through music.

BGG: What’s next for you? Are you on tour now?
M: Yes, I’m currently touring with Ne-Yo, Jazmine Sullivan right now.

Are you a fan of Musiq's songs? If so, what's your favorite song by him?


antithesis said...

how exciting! i have onmyradio. i keep listening to backagain. great interview, btw.

A.J. Brown said...

I love Musiq!! I can listen to "Previous Cats" from Juslisen over and over. Definately my fave song.

Ms. SoChic said...

This is so crazy because last night I fell asleep to So Beautiful on repeat. I can't get enough of that song!

K-Bear said...

BGG, I'm really bad about knowing who sings what but I do believe he sings a song with Mary J. If that's him, I love him. If not, I still love him simply because he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and we so need that! Thanks for the introduction!

Nicole Rogers said...

ok So I am secretly in LOVE with Musiq soul child. "So Beautiful" is the best song ever and I feel so sexy everytime I hear it. "On the Radio" is a must buy!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@K-Bear - Yes, he's the one who has the duet with Mary J. Blige.

He has a ton of good songs. My favorite is Mary Go Round, Just Friends, Love and Teach Me. Oh I guess I have a lot of favorites!! LOL

T said...

I heard this tour was hot. Fab interview BGG!

kitty vodka said...

great interview!

Glo said...

I lovesssss him! I really do!! He comes to Seattle every few months and performs!! Haven't seen him yet, but I'll catch him the next time around.

Great interview BG!!

Aisha said...

Great interview! I've been a fan of Musiq since his first album. I have his latest CD "On my Radio", and I love it. It think my favorite Musiq song is "Mary go round, but he has so many that I love.

B said...

Honestly, I am so amazed right now. I LOVE Musiq Soulchild. I remember being in 10th grade and looooving his first album. And "On My Radio"....let's just say he gets better and better. I love him more after reading this interview. He is wonderful. Great job, BGG!

MeMe said...

I must admit I have not been a huge fan of Musiq Soulchild in the past, but the interview makes him seem so much more interesting. Thanks for the great interview BGG!

Be Just said...

Awesome interview! I really like Musiq Soulchild. I think he truly has a style of his own. Not too many artist do these days. Big ups to BBG for scoring another hot interview!

Jeanie said...

Wow- great BGG interview with Musiq Soulchild. I love So Beautiful too!

I think you covered it ALL through your diverse array of questions by the way! Nice job. Very informative.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Great interview BGG!
My pal just saw him in concert and loved the show.

that guy said...

great interview. just friends is still my favorite song

kbl said...

I went to see him last Friday in Chicago! How impressive! Very talented!!!!
If you think you love listening to him, don't go and see him, you will fall in LOVE! LOL

Ashley-Nicole said...

Musiq Soulchild is one of the best male R&B singers in a long time. I love his songs "Who Knows", "Don't Change" and "B.U.D.D.Y." Great Interview.

lymariposa said...

I love Musiq!!! Thanks for posting this great interview!

*SiMply*JuLie* said...

I can listen to this man's albums over and over again. He is one of the best in the music game.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Everyone - Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments. I was a bit under the weather when I conducted the interview, so I'm glad that you guys thought I did a good job anyway. :-)

Karmen said...

I have my favorites on the album, his new viseo and song "So Beautiful" is in my top 3. Some years back I found him to be an ass. But after a recent encounter...age has softened him and I wish more people would support his efforts. The Target special edition with DVD interview is worth getting.