Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get Smooth Legs for Spring!

Even though it’s only in the 60s here in New York City this week, it’s almost time for us BGs to go barelegged again. Showing off our gorgeous gams is what spring ensembles are all about.

From short shorts to mini-skirts, this time of year calls for smooth and shiny legs. But in order to get our legs lovely, we must remove all remnants of hair.

Today, there are a myriad of options available. From gels and creams that can easily slough away the finest of hairs to laser removal, there is a process that’s right for you.

How do you get your legs spring/summer spotlight worthy? Do you wax, shave, laser or go au naturel? Please share!

No! No! A revolutionary new concept in hair removal, suitable for all hair types and skin colors. It is NOT a razor. Available at for $250

Veet in Shower Hair available at for $7.99

Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit available for $16.40

Nair Lotion Hair Removal with Baby Oil available at for $5.26

Emoji Optima Hair Removal System available at $69.99

Bliss Poetic Cosmetic Waxing Kit available for $45

Schick Quattro High Performance Disposable Razors for Women with 4 Blades available at for $7.99

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great Gifts for Mom!

With Mother’s Day less than 2 weeks away, it’s time to think of special gifts that will make your mom smile. Whether she’s a makeup maven, self-help enthusiast, candy lover or somewhere in between, BGG has rounded up some of the best gifts to honor the woman who made us who we are today.

What was the most memorable gift you’ve ever given your mother or received on Mother’s Day?

Take a look at these:

Flowers always brighten a woman's day, especially pretty pink ones! Posh Pinks Bouquet available at for $52.95

Diamonds are a girls' best friend. Sterling Silver Diamond Bangle Bracelet available at for $242.10

Ever want to get your mother to tell her life story? Here's your chance! This Story of Lifetime book has over a 500 questions that you can ask your mom. From describing her first proposal to her first job, this book is perfect to pass down to generations. Available at for $48

You played in her makeup when you were a kid, why not repay her with luxurious Lancome lipstick? Mother's Day Lips Seductive Cools available at for $49.50

You'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn't love chocolate - I'm sure your mom is no exception! Queen for a Day Chocolates available at for $38.00.

For the mom who loves snapping shots of her kids and grandkids at family gatherings, this Canon PowerShot Digital Camera is perfect for the parent-paparazzi. Availble at for $169.97.

Since she rarely makes time for herself, treat her to a relaxing spa treatment. have gift certificates that are valid at over 4000 spas nationwide from $50-$1000.

If you can't get her to go to a spa, bring the massage to her with the OSIM iSqueez Foot and Calf Massager available at for $399

To help maintain your mom's gorgeous glow, try Carol's Daughter's Almond Celebration Set available at for $58.00

For the mom who adores all things Oprah, this hardcover "best of" book is bound to please. O's Guide to Life: The Best of O, the Oprah Magazine available at for $19.77

There’s no photo for this, but I had to include taking your mother out to a spectacular brunch (a gospel brunch would be even better). She’ll appreciate that you filled her belly and spirit!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cool & Comfy Cardigans!

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by Martin & Osa at a boutique hotel in Soho. I must admit, I had never heard of this brand prior to receiving the invitation, but after attending the party, I am now in LOVE with their line of cashmere cardigans! They’re lightweight, super soft and affordable.

Lightweight cardigans are perfect for pairing with spring/summer outfits. If it’s not quite chilly enough for a jacket, but you still want to have something to keep you a bit warm, wearing a cardigan is the ideal choice. Having a light sweater really comes in handy when you're dining out, in the office or at the movies where the AC is on full-blast.

Plus, they can fit into a bag or tote for easy-access!

Check out some of these:

Martin & Osa Cashmere Silk Cardigan available at for $128

Featherweight V-Neck Cardigan available at for $59.50

Cashmere Martin Cardigan available at for $188

Cotton Swing Cardigan available at for $89

Cotton-Blend V-Neck Cardigan available at for $34.99

La Jolla Print Cardigan available at for $88

Free People Ballon Sleeve Cardigan available at for $108

Belted Rolled-Up Cardigan available at for $49.50

Mossimo Cropped Cardigan available at for $17.99

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fabulous Photos of the Week!

Ashanti and Gayle King at an event in NYC.

Actor Jaleel White in L.A.

Jill Marie Jones in L.A.

Actress Tamala Jones in L.A.

Tia Mowry with her new husband Corey Hardrict.

Kanye West at an event in West Hollywood, CA.

Omarion at an event in West Hollywood, CA.

Serena Williams at an event in L.A.

Model Nik and personality Melyssa Ford at an event in NYC.

LL Cool J at an event in NYC.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged Again!

I've been tagged again! This time by PCD and Mischo Beauty.

Here's the drill:

1. Link the person who tagged you…

2. Mention the rules in your blog…

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

Here are my 6 unspectacular quirks. If you've heard these before - please forgive me! :-)


1. I'm not a makeup artist, but I've never met a bronzer I didn't love. I have TONS of them; although I usually just end up using the same one!

2. I have to have some type of non-chocolate candy every single day - otherwise I'll go nuts!

3. I have over 50 DVDs that I have never watched or even opened.

4. I love to sing ALL THE TIME, although my husband tells me I can't carry a tune.

5. I take a camera with me EVERYWHERE! You never know when there's going to be a Kodak moment!

6. I am addicted to online shopping. Oops, you guys already knew that! :-)

I'm not tagging anybody else because all of my favorite blogs have already been tagged!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Tips for Shopping Online

As you can probably guess, I do a lot of online shopping. I'm one step away from being an bonafide online shopping adddict! I can spend hours browsing through the endless photos of tops, dresses, jackets, accessories, jewelry, beauty products, linens and everything in between.

What's better than shopping in your PJs in the comfort of your own home? Plus, online stores never close - they're always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Thanks Kitty Vodka for inspiring me to write this piece. :-)

Do you shop online? If so, how often?

Check out some of my tips for an awesome online experience:

1. When you’re ready to buy something from a seller, make sure that the site is safe and legit. When you’re asked to provide payment information, the beginning of the website’s URL address should change from http to shttp or https, indicating that the purchase is encrypted or secured.

2. Google the words "promo codes" and the online store of your choice. There are bound to be great discounts on certain items, shipping, etc. found on websites such as: and

3. Visit if you're looking for a particular item. For instance, if you're on the hunt for a black, sleeveless, satin dress, this site will show all dresses fitting that description that's available on the web. It's a one-stop shop for all things fashion.

4. Be sure to read the online store's return, refund and shipping policy. Most are very accommodating and even come with prepaid return labels in case that "must-have" Alice & Olivia dress doesn't look quite as chic in-person.

Today is Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and from the looks of things, green is the new chic. From environmentally-friendly beauty products to organic t-shirts, the whole "go green" mantra is being enforced in just about every aspect of our lives. Today I decided to list a few eco-friendly products that I think will help us preserve our precious Earth.

What are you doing to help the Earth?

Check out some these eco-friendly goodies:

Shaklee's Get Clean Starter Kit, includes home cleansers that are completely green! Available at for $167.15

Victoria's Secret Organic Totes available at for $19.50

"Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style," by Christie Matheson is a quick and easy read filled with great green tips. Available at bookstores nationwide.

Origins Organic Smileage Plus Lip Tint available at for $10

Organic Cotton T-Shirt available at for $26.50

Maksha Organic Gold Earrings available at for $55

Lumia Organic's Wax candle available at for $9.99

Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh-so Shady

Now that the sun is starting to shine brighter, it's time to pull out your favorite shades! No other accessory can instantly transform you into a chic, pulled-together BG like a stunning pair of sunglasses. You can throw on a pair of shades and a little gloss and be ready to go! Not only will you look polished and fashionable, you'll also be protecting your eyes from harmful exposure to UV rays.

Also, be sure to find a pair that works for your face type because contrary to what manufacturers say about shades, one size does not fit all. So bring an honest friend along when you go sunglass shopping to get their feedback.

Although the paparazzi may not be documenting your every move, you'll definitely look like a star!

What's the most you'd pay for a pair of sunglasses?

Check out some of these stylish shades:

Michael Kors "Corsica" Bamboo Sunglasses available at for $260

Return to Tiffany's Rectangular Sunglasses available at for $650

Forever 21 Sunglasses available at for $6.80

Oliver Peoples "Paramour" Sunglasses available at for $390

Marc Jacobs Aviators available at for $290

Christian Dior Sunglasses available at for $165

New Frontier Sunglasses available at for $9.50

Classic Ray Bans available at for $150

Banana Republic "Sofia" Sunglasses available at for $98