Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get Away in Style!

Even though the summer is winding down, it's never too late to take a quick getaway - in style that is! If you're planning on taking a mini-excursion for the upcoming Labor Day holiday or just a simple trip out of town, why not pack your things in a super cute weekend tote or carryall?

Leave your boring black bags behind and stand out in style with a colorful, chic bag that will add a bright spot to the dreaded task of packing!

Do you own weekend totes or carryalls that aren't black? Were you lucky enough to get away this summer? If so, where did you go?

Roxy Out of Time Duffel available at for $56 (each)

True Religion Stella Leather Weekender available at for $617 (very pricey, but very cute!)

Canyon 30-Wheel Duffel available at for $185.50

Anya Roll Duffel Bag available at for $35

Hayden Hartnett Weekender available at for $174

Lesportsac Weekender available at for $102.89

Puddle Jumper Travel Bag available at for $99

Dooney & Burke Nylon Sport "Carla" Dome Duffel available at for $135

Lesportsac Medium Weekender available at for $138


kelsey said...

Wow!! So nice... At CouponPundits site I also found many handbags with many coupons..

Rebee said...

Of course BGG I have a weekender tote. My husband and I went to Door County Wisconsin this summer.

Nicole Rogers said...

You know how I love me a bag.....usually a really really big one! I've gone nowhere where I would need it but I have several in very stylish colors!

antithesis said...

so cute! i want one for when i get back to actually having money and going places.

K-Bear said...

BGG, me and my BF took a quick trip to Atlanta for the big bike rally. My bag wasn't black but it wasn't really cute either. We'll be going to another rally in October and this time I'll be ready with my new fashionable duffel bag!! Thanks for the idea!

Lee said...

Really cute bags. And I love bags. Hopefully I'll be able to travel soon.

kitty vodka said...

these are so cute but i love the ones that have wheels

lymariposa said...

I'm in love with the Roxy bags and the price!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I love the bags!!. I was able to go home to Chicago.

dejoi said...

I have a pink duffle bad but it's not as swanky as these. I need to up my game! This summer, I've been home to MS 4 times and am going again this weekend for my class reunion; to Raleigh, NC; to Los Angeles, CA; and seems like I'm missing somewhere. ah well.

SoniaB said...

Cute bags. I am planning to take my hubby away for a long weekend and need a new bag.

T said...

You know I love to travel. Fab pics. P.S. I'll be in NYC in a couple of weeks. You basically need to tell the whole city to beware. :)

CC said...

I love bags. I really like the True Religion Stella Leather bag. I must admit I have a black carry on and a really bright orange that is so ugly it is now considered retro :)

You always make me want to go shopping.... doesn't help that fall fashions are coming out as well!