Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Soulful Sounds of Summer

With the anticipation of Whitney Houston's upcoming release, "I Look to You," it seems like people are finally getting excited about music again. After getting rave reviews from attendees at her listening parties in London, NYC and L.A, it seems like Ms. Houston just might be on her way to making a true comeback.

In addition to Whitney Houston's highly-anticipated September release, here are a few other new and semi-new releases that could be music to your ears:

Whitney Houston - "I Look to You"

Maxwell - "Black Summer's Night"

Jordin Sparks - "Battlefield"

Joe - "Signature"

What are some of your favorite CDs and songs right now? What do you think is the song of the summer? Are you looking forward to Whitney Houston's new release? Do you think she can make a comeback?


Tamstyles said...

i really dont have any...still jammin michael jackson...i will buy whitney and joe though.

Miss Mika said...

I currently have "Very Special Friend" from Joe's new album on repeat. Totally digging it and the song "Majic".

I was somewhat disappointed with Maxwell's newest album. I bought it the day it came out with high expectations, especially with "Pretty Wings" being one of my favorite songs from it... but after listening to it all the way though a few times... I was kinda left... feeling jipped. Don't get me wrong, I have been a Maxwell fan since "Ascensions", but I can't say that I am feeling his newest release all that much.

I have yet to hear Whitney's new single. Yes, let me get from under the rock I've been hiding under.

I voted for Jordan in A.I., but I have yet to hear a song that I really like from her other than "No Air" and even that song was a "guilty pleasure" :)

So far, I am feeling "Signature"

Anonymous said...

great choices :)

Rebee said...

I really would like to get Joe's new album. I'm a HUGE fan! I think Whitney can make a comeback; however, I really don't think that she will be what she used to be. I'm pretty sure that suffered some permanent damage.

K-Bear said...

If anybody can make a come back Whitney can! I'm excited for her. Addiction is a mutha and anyone who survives it has something to sing and shout about. I love Maxwell so in my mind he's always a winner! I also love JOE...more more! Oh I gotta hear that one right now! As for a favorite....I can't pick just one!

antithesis said...

good for whitney with her warm reception. i was kinda hurt to hear her song on the radio. it wasnt that it sounds bad it just doesnt sound like whitney to me. maybe b/c it's been so long and shes older now.

anyway. i have to be like the only person who is not into maxwell's cd. when it came out i was feeling out of the loop b/c folks were raving about it. my sister got it from my parents for her bday and she let me borrow it to put on my ipod. she told me she only liked 4 songs out of what? 9? i was ok w/ 1 and i dont even remember which 1. i guess i have some growing up to do to appreciate it? idk...

kitty vodka said...

Whitney is unstoppable!

Anonymous said...

I have to hear two really good singles before I purchase Whitney's new joint. I'm listening to Alice Smith, Algebra, Solange, and Drake right now. Not at all new, but that's who I have on repeat!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I am looking forward to hearing from Whitney again. Her vocals sound a little different to me now, but she is still 100 times better than most of the female artists out there (minus j Hud) :-).
I am enjoying pretty wings too but i have not picked up the cd.
I need chrisette michelle's latest effort.

Anonymous said...

I'm really feeling Maxwell and Joe's whole albums. Chrisette Michelle's is also a banger. Can't wait for Ledisi's new album in August.

And yes....Whitney absolutely will make a comeback and I can't wait!

Laquita said...

I look forward to hearing all of these - I've been so out of the loop when it comes to music these days -having to rely on what I hear coming from the kids' cell phones - which is mostly annoying - but they do love Battlefield which I think is great ;o)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Update - I've just been informed that Whitney's CD has actually been pushed up to August 31st!

that guy said...

i like your choices!!
great post

Anonymous said...

Maxwell's cd is in heavy rotation in my car!
'God In Me' by Mary-Mary is my story exactly and I can't get enough of it! It makes me want to laugh,cry,dance...My emotions run the spectrum :)
I'm hoping for big things from Ms. Whitney!!
Great post BGG!

Anonymous said...

I like the new Joe cd.

Ms. Butterfly said...

Hello! I'm looking forward to Whitney's album-so happy to see her on the up&up. Praise the Lord!

Sorry for the Randomness but I see you're in publishing and I was wondering if you have any advice on how one can get writing published? Thanks


mimieyes said...

I was out of town and I'm happy to get back to BGG.
Definitive I need to listen to Maxwell new cd and see if I feel the same as Mika.
As per Whitney looking forward too.

CC said...

Whitney, I think will make a comeback, she has her die hard fans and I like her song.

I love me some maxwell, but the album doesn't woo me too much.

I have been listening to a lot of loung/house music this summer.


lymariposa said...

I'm looking forward to Maxwell, I love him!