Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Preppy in Peacoats this Fall!

There are certain garments that never go out of style and a peacoat is one of them. Just like it's known that a classic trench will take you throughout the spring season year after year, the same came be said for a classic peacoat during fall.

Typically, they're not too heavy, but provide just the right amount of warmth against the crisp, cool autumn air. The double-breasted buttons create a preppy, polished look that will always stand the test of time.

Do you own a peacoat? Are you a fan of this style? Check out some of these:

Stretch Corduroy Double-Breasted Peacoat available at for $74.99

American Eagle Plaid Peacoat available at for $129.50

Carla Wool Peacoat available at for $168

Fillmore Short Peacoat available at for $226

Ambition French Terry Jacket available at for $58

Tory Burch Callum Jacket available at for $495

Women's Cropped Wool-Blend Peacoat available at for $59.50

**The winner of the ChocohoLICKS lip glosses is B!! Congrats! Please email me your mailing address. :-)


Kwana said...

I love a peacoat. These bright ones are so cute.

Beth Dunn said...

I love peacoats. I saw so many yesterday when I was shopping! xoxo


Shawnta said...

I do have a few peacoats. I love them. They have a classic look and look great when dressed up or with just jeans and a turtleneck.

One more couldn't hurt, right? I really like the short pink French Terry jacket pictured from Nordstrom. Very cute.

K-Bear said...

I love all coats and that's not good when you live in H-town! When I think of a peacoat I used to think black but not anymore. I love these fun colors and I need to own one. BTW, where is my peacoat? I need to make some calls but in the meantime, I'm going shopping!

antithesis said...

i love a cute peacoat. i got tired of getting pretty much the same thing so last year i got a peacoat/bomber jacket thing from ny & co. i love that little thing. i want a colored peacoat like green or orange but i wont be getting that this year.

Rebee said...

I LOVE these! Now I need to figure out which one I'm getting. I've been telling my husband for months that I want one and that he should get it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Peacoats are my fave type of jacket besides furs. :) Sorry PETA fans. And live in the South so clearly, I wear peacoats I lot more than I ever would a fur!

Anonymous said...

oh and the Am Eagle one is my fave of these!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Congrats B.
Yes, I need a new peacoat- thanks for the helpful suggestions.

Shawnta said...

Congrats, B, on winning the lip glosses!

Lee said...

I love peacoats. I've always worn them. The ones you featured are really cute.

Anonymous said...

i love these coats!!!

mizzgogetta said...

Yes!!! I love peacoats. I have a black one that I bought last year, but I want a pink one.

CC said...

Coats + fly boots = I love me some fall!