Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall for Fleece!

Now that fall is right around the corner, why not ditch your lightweight cardigan for a comfortable fleece blazer? This season it's all about updating the stylish staple with a flexible and flattering fleece blend. Blazers work with just about every item in your wardrobe from skinny jeans to shorts and now these fleece finds can create an even more casual look.

Authentic Fleece Blazer available at for $98

Juicy Couture Shrunken Fleece Blazer available at for $178

Flannery Fleece Rugby by Ralph Lauren available at for $99.99

Luxe Fleece Cropped Blazer available at for $69.90

Vintage Havana Fleece Blazer available at for $84

Would you wear a fleece blazer this fall season?


Sio said...

yes!!! the one from rugby is lovely I am going to the site right now

Rebee said...

I'm not so sure about those. Maybe I'll have to look at one in the store.

Anonymous said...

I agree. They're both comfortable and cute!!

Shawnta said...


Sophia said...

Blazers are so in right now! This article agrees!

Anonymous said...

yes!!i want them all:)

T said...

I absolutely love this trend. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. We're completely casual at work, so this would be perfect.

And now the search!

AZ said...

I am copying that grey blazer outfit!!! Its so cool! Thanks BGG! Love, AZ