Monday, August 30, 2010

Stuck on Fashion!

With so many BGS wearing wedges and strutting in sky-high heels, it's inevitable that some of us will either trip or take a tumble, leaving behind a scratch. If so, Band-Aid has all of us fashionistas covered - literally.

Celebrity fashion designer Cynthia Rowley has partnered with the household brand to create a super chic collection of adhesive bandages giving the boring flesh-tone shades a backseat.

Packaged in sleek black and turquoise tins, these designer bandages are bold with glamorous designs such as sequins and pretty petals.

Available for a limited-time, these scrape-savers will be in Cynthia Rowley stores, and The Cooper Hewitt Museum next month.

Would you wear a designer bandage or simply stick to the nude hues?

**Btw, the winner of the Motions products is Nicole Rogers. Congrats! Please email me your mailing address.


antithesis said...

i dont think about bandaids that much but i did just buy some with hello kitty on them. i needed some and i'd just attended my niece's bday party with a hello kitty theme. i think i'll give the rest of the box to her. i dont get hurt that often.

Allywan said...

they are pretty fly ...for bandaids. I'm always finding some way to scratch myself. at least I can look fly while recovering.

Shawnta said...

Congrats, Nicole.

I haven't given bandages/bandaids much thought but I'd definitely try a couple of these out. I really like the first & last ones pictured. Thankfully, I rarely need bandaids (just for the occasional paper cut) but I'd wear these for fun.

Rebee said...

I think designer bandages are a little too much. lol..i'll just stick with the nude ones.

Shahana Style said...

I'm a total dork so I'll wear them but I wouldn't pay boku bucks for them. I've worn Dora bandages, as well as bacon and sushi print ones (not together). I'm silly so they just appeal to me.