Friday, April 8, 2011

Kandee Without the Calories

You guys know how much I love candy and shoes, so when I heard that Kandee - one of the most stylish footwear brands is making its sweet stateside debut this spring, I couldn't be happier!

The London-based shoe line is now shipping to the U.S to satisfy the sweet tooth of American die-hard footwear fashionistas. They've already been featured in tons of international magazines, but I'm thrilled that we can now get our hands on these fashionable treats for our feet.

Celebrities and fashionistas such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria are all fans of the brand. Not only are the popular sky-high platform stilettos stunning, but all the shoes are named after cool confections like the white-hot, "Mash-A-Mallow," pumps or the "Peanut Crunch" sandals.

We all know that every now in then, a girl's gotta give in to her sweet tooth and Kandee is the perfect indulgence!

Available at Kandee for $257

Available at Kandee for $277

Would you wear Kandee shoes?

**Btw, the winner of the Creme of Nature products is: Esco. The winner of the Love Me Perfume is Izzo. Congrats ladies and please send me your mailing addresses!


Bunni said...

Those leopard shoes are TDF! Loves it

Anonymous said...

nice shoes!

Laura said...

Those shoes are a piece of art.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shoes!!!

Trina J Makeup said...

Now this is the kinda Kandee I need in my life...SWEET! Thanks for sharing :)