Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spring Forecast Calls for Neon Sprinkles

If you're timid when it comes to testing daring makeup shades, rethink your beauty routine for spring. This upcoming season will be chock full of neon hues and eye-popping palettes to complement our skin tones and highlight our favorite features.

If you're afraid that neon makeup will leave you looking like Nicki Minaj on Halloween, don't be. Just opt for playing up one particular area and keep the rest of your face neon-free.

From vibrant lip colors to bright shadows and liners, step outside of your comfort zone this season and go for big and bold beauty. I'm always a fan of hot pink puckers so you'll definitely find me testing out this pop-of-color trend.

Solange rocking a hot-pink neon pout. 

One of my favorite brands, Bobbi Brown has an entire Neon & Nude collection that will equip your beauty arsenal with all the neon essentials.

Check them out:

Will you be wearing neon makeup shades this spring? 


Bailey said...

I like the Citrus & Cosmic Pink glosses. I'd definitely try those! Also, I like neon pinks & bright yellows for pedicures in the summer.

MochaBelle said...

I love bright eye colors, but I haven't ventured into bright lipglosses or lipsticks! Maybe 2012 is the year of new beginnings B-)

Miss Mika said...

I personally don't think I have the skin tone for neon colors... but they certainly look good on others.

Anonymous said...

yes...i love bright colors:)