Friday, August 3, 2012

MUST-SEE: "Make Me A Naturalista" Web Series

If you're thinking about transitioning your crowning glory from chemically-straightened strands to natural styles, there's a web series that you don't want to miss!

"Make Me A Naturalista," is a brand-new online series hosted by editors Natasha Gaspard and Yardley Messeroux, of the natural hair websites: Mane Moves TV and The Coil Review.

The pair has teamed up to produce an online show that features women looking to make the switch from relaxers to natural styles, but are unsure of the proper steps to take in order to have a successful journey.

They provide styling tips, product advice, and personal anecdotes all while the guest receives a hair makeover from a natural haircare professional.

Bloggers Yardley (L) and Natasha Gaspard (R)

Charismatic and knowledgeable, both hosts bring an upbeat and refreshing vibe to the show, making it fun to watch. Whether you're a newbie or natural hair vet, this series is definitely one to add to your YouTube viewing list!

Do you watch YouTube for haircare or makeup tips?

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