Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still Loving 'Seventeen'

Even though I'm nearly double the age of 17, it doesn't mean that I can't learn a thing or two from the quintessential teen title, Seventeen.

In fact, the editors behind the mag have written, "Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty," a new book chock full of tips for hair, skin, and makeup that's still applicable to me.

Available here, for $12

For those of us well beyond teenage territory, this beauty guide remains an excellent resource. From how to properly apply lashes to fun ways to style curly hair to DIY manis, this book boasts a bevy of beauty tips for BGs of all ages. Plus, the vibrant photos and splashy celebrity references add a cool appeal to the read.

Images reprinted with permission from Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty © 2012 by Ann Shoket and the editors of Seventeen, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Book Group. 

However, if you've mastered your beauty by now, it makes a cool back-to-school gift for the teen girl in your life. 

Did you read Seventeen growing up?

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