Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Give Your Thumbs a Rest!

Remember doodling love letters on plain, “unpretty” (I know it’s not a word, but TLC made it one :-) white notebook paper to the cute boy in your 6th grade class? I remember my first elementary school crush – Corey Brown. He was short, (ok, we were all short since we were only in the 4th grade!) with a caramel complexion with piercing dark brown eyes. I thought he was so cute and nobody could tell me that we weren’t going to get married and have 2 children – twins to be exact! I would spend my weekends writing love notes to him, but I could never muster enough courage to give them to him on Monday. Ok, I can go on and on about CB (my nickname for him) but you get the point.

Just because we’re big girls now doesn’t mean that we have to stop writing lovely letters to those special beaus in our lives. In this instant messaging, texting, and emailing technological world, grabbing a pen and actually writing our thoughts can be extremely refreshing. Stationery can be used not only to send sappy love letters to your significant other, but they can also brighten the day of your great aunt down south who wishes you’d call her more. Also, many human resource managers will tell you that they’re more inclined to hire someone whose skills parallel another prospective candidate’s simply because they sent a personalized note thanking them for the interview.

I believe that writing notes is an art form. Every BG should have her own personal collection of note cards, envelopes and paper for a variety of reasons, who knows…sending that pretty-in-pink thank you note, just might land you your dream job!

Take a look at some of the cute and feminine sets that I’ve come across.

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Anonymous said...

BGG, You are all in my video this morning! I have been sitting here toying with the idea of whether or not to text my new beau. I don't want to seem all frantic but I want him to know the interest is definitely there. I like the idea of sending a personalized note even better. It's so personal and so pretty. I think I will go back to pen and paper and see what happens! For now, I'm sending the text! Afterall, this aint 6th grade! :-)

yummy411 said...

Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I look forward to new posts!

Rasha said...

I L-O-V-E stationary. I think this is something I got from my Mom but its one of those things that just makes me smile and the fact that my friends love getting my cards/notes in the mail makes them that much better.

browngirlgumbo said...

Rasha, don't you just love it when you can brighten someone's day with a lovely card or note? It really makes people feel special, well at least for me it does!

Abby said...

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