Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fashionable Foodie

Most of us know fellow BG, Padma Lakshmi as the host of Bravo’s culinary contest show, Top Chef, but she is actually a well-respected food aficionado. In fact, she has a new cookbook entitled, “Tangy Tart, Hot and Sweet: A World of Recipes for Everyday.” As I’ve written before, I’ve got quite a passion for collecting cookbooks and with a tasty title like that; I had to pick it up. Besides, who doesn’t like tangy, tart, hot and sweet foods?

This vibrant cookbook is filled with tantalizing recipes including everything from South Asian salads to Rice Krispie-battered fried chicken. Because Padma is Indian, she added a few recipes that reflect and celebrate her heritage as well. Writing her recipes in a style similar to short essays gives the book a friendly feel, while the personal photos add flair. Not only is Padma a true foodie, she also has a killer sense of style that rivals some of the hottest fashionistas in the country. Now if only we could get those super skinny models to pick up this cookbook and check out Padma’s style, then maybe they would see that one can actually eat and enjoy food and still be fashionable!


Anonymous said...

Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet sounds like you're talking about me! I wish. It sounds like a great book but Indian dishes just don't seem simple. I guess it won't hurt to take a peek. Have you found any favorites yet?

Anonymous said...

BG, I have a hot date in Chicago in a few weeks and I have to look my best...which isn't easy at 41. I seriously need to do something extra these days to make my skin look pretty and kissable! Do you have any tips on a regime that might help me look fabulous at 40?! :-)