Monday, October 22, 2007

New Girl in Tinseltown

Remember last week when I said that I was going to check out a few other Tyler Perry films after seeing the brilliant Why Did I Get Married? Well, I got that chance this weekend. On Saturday I curled up on my comfy futon and wrapped myself in my favorite super soft pink robe and popped in the first movie in my personal Tyler Perry Catch-up series -- Daddy’s Little Girls. I had heard that it was a great movie with a positive message. I was really impressed with Idris Elba; I don’t know if I was moved by his character or mesmerized by his sexy swagger. At any rate, I thought that the movie was ok, but definitely not as good Why Did I Get Married. However, the performance by Tasha Smith was strong and I think that she could become a household name very soon. Her incredible and hilarious portrayal in Why Did I Get Married is going to catapult her into a new stratosphere. So here’s to our new “it” girl actress. Move over Kerry and Gabby!

5 Facts about Tasha Smith

She was born in Camden, NJ.

She has an identical twin sister, named Sidra.

She is a motivational speaker for kids in disadvantaged communities.

At the age of 18, she started doing stand-up comedy.

She is one of Tyra Banks’ best friends.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I finally saw Why Did I Get Married. I loved it though I must say it was nothing compared to my real life circle of friends. Hands down, Tasha was my absolute favorite. She reminded me of the woman I once was. While her character was hilarious, I certainly am glad I'm not her anymore. Oh, and they could have come up with a better "issue" for Janet and her hubby. I mean, an accident is not a marital problem. Overall, it was really good entertainment. One more thing, am I the only BG that doesn't not see the beauty in Malik? He just doesn't do it for me at all!

Ondo Lady said...

Yes Daddy's Little Girls is a fantastic film and I enjoyed it very much. I cannot wait to see Why Did I Get Married.

yummy411 said...

you beat me to the punch on this one. i so want to post about her.. i love her!!