Monday, June 14, 2010

BGG Chats w/Brandy

Grammy-award-winning singer, TV star, former Covergirl and mother -- Brandy has already done what would take most people a lifetime to accomplish. And, at 31, the entertainer proves that she's still ready for business.

Tell me a little about R&B Productions. Will you and your brother Ray J produce other artists?
"Right now we're just focusing on the Ray J and Brandy movement -- as a team. It's always been our dream to be like the new Donny & Marie, so we've been working on developing a sitcom. I'm really trying to get [Ray J] in the studio. We need to do an album together. We're just waiting for the right time. Timing is everything, so I'm really excited about that because I know it will happen."

So you're working on a new TV show?
"Yes, because that's where we come from. Together on camera is where we're skilled. The chemistry between Ray and I is so magical, so we have to explore that."

Speaking of Ray J, you guys are so close. Was there ever any sibling rivalry between the two of you?
"We are very close, almost scary close! [laughs] We don't have sibling rivalry, but discovering different aspects of our relationships on the show is very interesting. For example, Ray is very business savvy while I'm not. I'm very emotional and very artistic. He is too, but he's more into 'I've got to make money.' Sometimes I want him to just be my brother all the time, but he can't because he's a businessman.

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