Monday, October 10, 2011

BGG Chats with Sherri Shepherd

From chatting up the hottest celebrities on The View, to hosting The Newlywed Game, to being a mother and wife, Sherri Shepherd proves that it is possible to have it all.

The Emmy-award winning newlywed, 44,  shares how she successfully wears many hats while maintaining the most important aspect of her life - family. The comedian/actress spoke with me about how she balances it all, along with her latest "powerful" venture, being a spokeswoman for Oral-B's power toothbrush, and more.

On her wedding that aired on the Style Network
"We had a great time planning it. It was so perfect and beautiful. There was very little drama. I don't think I would've changed a thing about my wedding. If anything, the only thing that I was probably a Bridezilla about was our bridal party dance. Everybody was complaining, being silly and saying, "I don't know why we're doing this." I was like look, "This is the only thing that I want. I'm not making you get a weave in your hair or wear uncomfortable shoes, but you will get this dance if it's the last thing we do because it is going to go viral and it will be perfect! Elisabeth Hasselbeck, get your butt over here and start moving Niecy Nash you are not on Dancing With the Stars - get it together. It worked out - they came together for me."

Her Windy City roots
"I'm from the south side. It (her wedding) was so special because all of my family is from Chicago. The problem with getting married in Chicago was that you had family members saying, 'Uh cuz, I didn't get my invitation cuz,' and I'd be like, 'It's because I didn't send you an invitation cuz,' but other than that I love being in Chicago."

On how she thinks she and her husband, Sal, would fare on The Newlywed Game

"My mother-in-law would probably stop talking to me. And I'd probably be so embarrassed. My husband has no filter so he would to tell you the How, When and the Why of our intimate life. So you would probably never see us on that game!"

On the importance of oral hygiene
"I'm so excited that I'm partnering with Oral-B because I hope to inspire people to take control of their oral health. I don't think a lot people realize that if you don't have your oral health and smile and if your teeth are not together that it affects so many aspects of your life: relationships, self-esteem, and just your ovreall health. Your mouth is the gateway to everything, that's why I'm trying to inpsire every one to jump on the power toothbrush train. I just started using my Oral-B power toothbrush and I thought I was good before, but when I turned this thing on, I almost got blown out of the bathroom with the power of this toothbrush! It's so much easier than using a manual toothbrush. I don't ever want to go back to using a manual one. My dentist also saw that the difference when I was using my power toothbrush."

On balancing being a daytime talk-show host, actress, comedian, wife, and mom

"First of all I have to pray in the morning. One of my prayers is: Lord I give you everything my career, my child, my dreams, my aspirations...Give me back what you want me to have. Show me what I'm supposed to do. What always comes back to me is my #1 priority when I was single - my son, Jeffrey (6-years-old). That was it. So if it was anything that took me away from my child, that dictated whether I'd say no or yes. That's why you don't see me at a lot of the red carpet events wearing the latest little dresses, or at the clubs or at the parties dropping it like it's hot because I have a son. That's why you don't see me doing the "paso doble" on Dancing With the Stars because I have a son and I didn't have anyone to help me with him. So I had to say no to a lot of things. So as soon as I leave The View I head over to host The Newlywed Game, but as soon as I'm done with that I'm Skypeing with Jeffrey. I'm running home, reading a book and tucking him in at night."

Her all-time favorite guest on The View
"We've had so many, but I'd have to say hands-down President Barack Obama. Literally who has the opportunity to sit one person away from the President of the United States? There's never been a person that had my skin-color EVER leading the free world so to be able to sit there and look at President Barack Obama and then think back to my son and know that my son could do anything that he really truly wants to do because of this man right here - it was just such an honor. I'll never forget that moment." 

Are you a Sherri Shepherd fan? Do you use a manual or electric toothbrush? 


Anonymous said...

great interview!!

T said...

Her wedding dance was so cute! And her dress. I didn't follow her wedidng, but I'm going to go look up clips now.

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