Monday, October 24, 2011

Ross' Return to TV

Now that our favorite "girlfriend," Tracee Ellis Ross, is back on the air, we can continue to admire her coveted curly locks on BET's new show, Reed Between the Lines. While I haven't actually seen an episode of the show just yet (blame Oprah, because the hour that I spend on TV this season has been devoted to her Life Class), I do plan on catching up on past ones via DVR soon.

I'm just excited that the executives at BET are finally broadening their horizons and abandoning all of those mindless video shows for original programming that feature fictional professional BGs and guys who reflect a positive image of us. While the premise seems strikingly similar to The Cosby Show, it will be refreshing to have the option of tuning into to a show that doesn't depict us in a demeaning light. Seriously, how long can we keep watching reality shows filled with us BGs at each other's throats?

So my question is, have you guys tuned in to Reed Between the Lines? If so, what are your thoughts?


that guy said...

it's a good show!

Jeeda said...

I DVR'd but haven't watched it yet...that's on my list of many things to do;)

yummy411 said...

yes i've watched the show, very Cosby as Warner had intended.. but i'm waiting for their chemistry to warm up a bit. Ross acts like she has a high school crush on Warner... not married with kids. I like a positive show, nonetheless!