Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carol's Daughter Launches New Smoothing Collection

Just when you thought Carol's Daughter couldn't possibly get any better, founder Lisa Price, proves that there's no plateauing in sight. Her latest concoction, Chocolat Smoothing Collection, claims to keep strands soft and smooth without altering one's natural curl pattern.

For example, since I have non-chemically treated hair, but use a flat iron to periodically straighten, this product would be ideal. It's supposed to keep the dreaded "poof" and frizzies at bay even in high humidity.

Since I just received the samples at the launch last night, I have yet to try the 3-step system (shampoo, blow dry cream, and conditioner), I plan to try it soon so please stay tuned for my review.

Oh, in case you're wondering if the products smell like chocolate, they don't - thank goodness. The name actually comes from a blend of cacao extracts.

Available at for $54 (a $60 value)

Would you try this new smoothing system? What products do you use to keep your hair frizz-free?


We Live Style said...

I have a shampoo and conditioner I love, but would probably try the cream.

Sherita said...

I would definitely give this a try!