Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dr. Dina Strachan Joins CVS Pharmacy's Beauty Board

My best-kept beauty secret (aside from all of my fave products) is going to be available to all of my fellow BGs! That's right, my very own personal dermatologist, Dr. Dina Strachan, is the newest member of the CVS Pharmacy Beauty Board.

In celebration of joining the beauty advisory team,  she'll host a live chat via Facebook tomorrow, July 26 at 12pm to 1:30pm EST. She'll be on-hand to answer all skincare-related questions, from dandruff concerns to acne issues.

She has helped my skin through various ups and downs, including pregnancy (when my skin was at its worst!) and beyond. Her knowledge of ethnic skincare, attentiveness, and overall pleasant demeanor makes her one of the most sought after dermatologists in the New York city area.

For those who don't live in the NYC area,  be sure to take advantage of having her expertise literally at your fingertips!

I don't know about you, but I feel the most beautiful when my skin is clear and blemish-free! Dr. Strachan is the doctor who can help solve all of your skincare problems.

Be sure to RSVP here!

Do you have an excellent dermatologist? 


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