Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Beauty: Bronzers or Blush?

For a gorgeous glow, bronzers are the typical beauty go-to. But so far this summer, I've been smitten with M·A·C Cosmetics' matte powder blush in Mocha (a soft plum/pink shade).

While it doesn't make my skin look sun-kissed, it does provide a pretty pop of color that brings out my cheekbones and complements my recent bold lip choices.

I may change my mind and opt for a shimmery, just-left-the-beach look, but for now this matte blush will be a mainstay in my summer makeup bag.

M·A·C Cosmetics Powder Blush available here, $20

Which do you prefer during the summer, bronzers or powder blush?


Anonymous said...

nice post. my choice is bronzer.

Maven said...

Both. Depending on the occasion. That is a pretty color. Have to check it out.