Monday, March 3, 2008

Banging Bangles!

Nothing adds sass and pizazz to an outfit like a unique bangle. I usually like to wear this accessory with a cute dress or tank top and jeans during the spring and summer months for a pulled together, yet carefree look.

They instantly add punch to an otherwise boring outfit. Plus, they work well for both day and night. Depending on your mood, you can throw on a whimsical bold, multi-colored bangle or if you're feeling a bit more on the conversative side, opt for a more solid subtle shade. The designs, styles and materials of bangles are endless.

Whether you pile them on a la 80s style or wear them individually, a bangle bracelet is the perfect arm candy!

Jessica Kagan Cushman Colored Bangles available at for $74 (each)

Jessicia Kagan Cushman Bangles available at for $125 (each)

Set of 20 Gold Finished Bangles available at for $78

Curved Black Bangle available at for $8

Pinstripe Wooden Bangle available at for $24

Beanpye Bracelets available at for $25 (each)

Retro Wooden Bangle available at for $6.80

Tasha Faceted Bangle Bracelet available at for $48 (each)


Product Junkie Diva said...

Bangles have come a long way! I do like the colors and fun shapes; however, I would probably only rock the gold bangles.
Thanks for this post.
Product Junkie Diva

Soul said...

I must admit I love a nice bangle any day, and the ones that you have displayed are crute!Hmmm..... I can go with the silver or wooden one, and you said I could get them from where again?

Kwana said...

I love them. Bangles and spring dresses go together so well. I've been looking for some. Unfortunatly, most of what I'm finding are too small for me Ugh. The search will go on.

Ros said...

It's almost as if you are reading my mind with the stuff you posted lately. Bangles are another thing I thought I would try this spring just to try something new. Although I haven't found any cute ones yet I'm sure I will the closer spring gets.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i can just imagine, bangles, tank top, jeans nice way to start this morning

mimieyes said...

Messages with bangles, good for starting conversations.
I used to wear lots of bangles and I stop for no reason.
So I'm happy to find out they are back.

kitty vodka said...

i think i like the one from forever 21 the best. all of these are nice and big and can double as weapons!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Mimi -- Bangles with messages are definitely conversation pieces!! That's why I love Jessica Kagan Cushman's line. She puts a fresh new twist on a classic accessory.

Anonymous said...

Oh I live for bangles! I really want a logo Chanel one but the message ones are cool too. I love over-stacking them!


Ananda said...

the wood bangle was great. one of my friends in my meditation class asked about bangles. i am gonna send her to your blog.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Ananda -- Thanks so much!! I welcome new readers! :-)

K-Bear said...

Girls, you must be kidding. I would never wear a bangle with a message. But suit yourself! That's just waaayyy too much for a VBG like myself. However, the others are adorable. I prefer the smaller more feminine ones. :-)

mar1po$a said...

BGG, I just discovered your blog. I love it and these bangles. I especially love the ones from banana republic and forever 21. Thank you for turning me on to something new!

SolShine7 said...

I like to wear bangles with my Indian attire. I feel like a Bollywood star in them and I always get compliments.