Monday, March 17, 2008

Terrific Totes!

Like most women, I tend to carry my entire life in my handbags. Luckily for pack rats like me, this season is all about the tote! Tote bags are ideal for women who have a habit of putting everything in their bags from makeup palettes to books.

Some of the hottest totes can even double as shopping bags, which is a good and chic way to go green. Plus, many of them are perfect for packing spring/summer essentials for those lovely days at the beach.

Unlike other handbags, totes tend to have a sophisticated and structured look that make them stand out from the other designs. These practical carryalls can definitely hold it all without compromising style!

Check out some of these trendy totes:

Tracy Reese "Tangiers" Tote available at for $594

Isaac Mizrahi Tote available at for $39

Juicy Couture "Icon" Tote available at for $75

Kenneth Cole Metallic Leather Tote available at for $103

Saving the Planet Shopper Tote available at for $12.99

Banana Republic Sutton Large Straw Shoulder Bag available at for $198

Coach "Bleecker" Canvas Large Tote available at for $378

Banana Republic Brown & Orange Canvas Tote available at for $118


Ananda said...

wow. how did you know i was searching for a spring tote? shopping goddess esp ... that's it. i am toying with turning things up a notch with a splash of red or green in one tote for spring and purple with pinks for summer. i gotta hit the new target in columbia hts. and marshalls. we finally got them in chocolate city. amen.

K-Bear said...

I love those totes especially the Tracey Reese one! It is just perfect. I don't think I can swing that much for a tote but I sure wish I could. I'll be tote shopping for sure very soon.

Ros said...

Those totes look great. I have recently purchased one and realize they are much more better for pack rats cause I am one myself. U can get a whole lot more in them then a regular purse and still have extra room. Great job BGG!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u could have at least one mail tote, mine is a red polo travel bg, can hold two suits and more

12kyle said...

i don't know anything about tote bags (LOL). However, I will say that you do have good taste!

Anonymous said...

My life is in my tote!
I love them because they save me from looking like a bag lady!
I love the Issac tote and it's only $ 39 dollars Wow!
But I love the colors from Banana Republic.
Thanks for keeping us updated!

antithesis said...

i need to invest in a nice tote. i cant keep carrying around my spelman tote. its fine for hikinh around campus but on the streets of atlanta, it draws unwanted attention...

Don said...

Y'all women and y'all purses. LOL.

Divine Blackness said...

I am obsessed with totes. Always have been. I am also a Coach girl so that one caught my eye the first. Ohhhh, but that orange and black is so 70's and retro. I'm lovin' it!!

It appears that I will have to remember to click on your blog since, for some reason, you don't pop up on my Google Reader. 2 other of my favorite blogs are like that too so I don't know what's wrong. :( Hopefully I'll remember to come around. I ain't fa'got about cha! You are the best and I hope you know it.

Have a happy Monday!

Kwana said...

Brown Girl how do you always come up with the perfect post. I love totes! Just love them. Now I have to add that fun Target tote to my list of must haves.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Ananda - A red or green tote sounds cute!

@K-Bear - I love the Tracy Reese one too!! Too bad I can't afford it!

@Ros - Yes totes are soooo roomy for pack rats like us!

@Torrance - I'm sorry...maybe next time!

@12Kyle - Thanks!! I'm glad to know that guys think I have good taste! :-)

@Mimieyes - My life is in my bags too!

@Don - You know we women love some handbags!!

@Antithesis - I'm sure your Spelman one is cute! Although I'm sure it does create unnecessary attention.

@Divine Blackness - I'm so glad you haven't forgotten about BGG!! I LOVE your comments. Thanks for the support!! :-)

@Kwana - Target is the best for affordable totes! Thanks for the love. :-)

kitty vodka said...

i love the coach one.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Wow the coach bag is such a cutie...
thanks for this post!
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

Hey BGG, i really like all your choices, especially the Issac Mizrahi tote and the Banana Republic Tote. Isn't that Juicy says Relax based on an 80's slogan?

that guy said...

my wife always wants another bag

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Ashley-Nicole - Was that a slogan "Just Relax" in the 80s? I'm not sure. It does sound familiar now that you mention it! :-)

Lymari said...

I've been thinking about getting a tote for my ever expanding list of things to lug around. These all look great, I especially love seeing options for us financially challenged girls. Thanks BGG!

RhondaCoca said...

Have the Juicy three colors!!!