Monday, March 24, 2008

BGG: Goes to Brooklyn Fashion Week(end)

BGG was invited to attend the festivities of Brooklyn's Fashion Week(end) this past weekend, but because I was out-of-town I wasn't able to go. You know I had to have someone cover this fashionable event, so I appointed my BGG correspondent YG to bring us the lowdown on the popular borough's fashion fete. Here's her take on the shows:

Brooklyn Fashion Weekend was at Northside Piers parking lot. The parking lot space was transformed into a glam fashion event (or as glam as a parking lot can be) with live music, beautiful artwork and of course beautiful models. I got there Saturday around 5pm for a cocktail reception that had a wide variety of liquors. The fashion shows started an hour late (ofcourse) and I got seated in the 2nd row - not bad!

A model being prepped before the show starts.

The first designer to show was Catalin Botezatu. The line consisted mainly of swim-wear. The ladies' swim-wear was over-the-top with crazy hair, leather gloves and massive jewelry. It was sort of had a Palm Beach resort meets Dominatrix vibe.

Model wearing Catalin Botezatu.

Miss Bruno's line was tied in well with fancy scarves on each model with pockets!

Color Heritage had a vivid and interesting collection, but nothing totally outrageous.

My absolute favorite one was Catou. They put on an amazing performance of a staged martial arts fight to open the show that was followed by a brilliant fashion show consisting of geisha-inspired lingerie corsets with fur! There were also pretty spring-like dresses and lots of beautiful jewelry piled on in a very tasteful way.

There was a consistent trend of feathers around the eyes that I've been seeing alot in fashion magazines.

Joan Vaccianna's show was fantastic too. She has a chic, yet urban twist to her garments.

Model wearing Joan Vaccianna.

Model wearing Joan Vaccianna.

I had a great time on Saturday! :-)

Sunday was a disaster! One of the fashion line's can be best described as clowns meets hobos. I left after 3 shows and 1 awful performance!

That wraps it up!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

that's a hot swim suit

Anonymous said...

BGG... I hope you had a good trip.
I love the green sweater by Joan Vaccianna.
Good reporting.

Kwana said...

Thanks for the rundown YG! Good report. I hope the weekend was fun BG.

kitty vodka said...

wow very interesting comments about the fashion shows. love love love Joan Vaccianna

oh and hobo clowns of course

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ooooooooh, thanx for the write-up....i want to see the clowns-LOL!

antithesis said...

i wanna see the clown/hobos, too!

K-Bear said...

Me too, I want to see so I can decide. I might just like the clowns/hobos cause I don't like this other stuff! I guess I'm just a simple BG :-) I couldn't help but notice that models legs. They are 6 feet long...not fair!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@ Everyone - Unfortunately I wasn't there and I can't seem to find photos from that show. I want to see the clown meets hobo line too! LOL

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn Fashion Week sounds pretty hot!

Miss Mika said...

That black dress by Joan Vaccianna was hot!!

Rita said...

GREAT DETAIL YG!!!!!! I wish I could have seen it all with you.

12kyle said...

i dunno what that chick is wearing but she has some nice legs. LOL

that guy said...

great run down...why to stay on top of the latest styles

Kiss Kiss Beauty said...

Love this!! Looked at the Miss Bruno site and it is beautiful... Also loving the Joan Vaccianna swimsuit. Thank you!

Ananda said...

congratulations on being invited to brooklyn fashion week.