Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Allison Samuels Celebrates Michelle Obama in "What Would Michelle Do?"

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly four years since Michelle Obama (aka FLOTUS) became the first African-American First Lady. Since that groundbreaking moment she has single-handedly changed how we BGs view ourselves. Prior to her appointment, we had never seen any first lady look even remotely like us.

That’s why award-winning journalist and author, Allison Samuels' new book, "What Would Michelle Do?" is a must-read for women of color who have been inspired by her elegance, fierce fashions, off-the-charts intellect, or more.

In the style of a detailed guide, “WWMD,” serves as the ultimate form of flattery toward the first lady while providing readers with insightful ways on how to be more like, well, Michelle.

From loving one's own unique beauty to effective parenting tips, “WWMD,” brilliantly chronicles and highlights Obama’s personal and professional achievements while allowing them to serve as examples of excellence for readers.

Perfect for Mother’s Day, this book is a great gift for your Michelle-loving mom, BFF, soror, or you!

Available in bookstores nationwide, as an e-book, and www.michellewould.com

What do you most admire about our first lady?

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Anonymous said...

nice post! i'm going to check this book out.