Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Target Unveils Second Series of "The Shops"

Who doesn't love Target? The cheery and chic atmosphere makes it hard not to walk out of the store empty-headed. It has become the standard destination for shoppers seeking everything from home goods to designer duds. And with the successful launch of The Shops earlier this month, they've really upped the ante. The unique idea to showcase and celebrate shop owners by giving them an opportunity to sell their merchandise to the masses is a refreshing and innovative take on retail.

This September (9th), the superstore will debut its second installment of The Shops. The new addition will bring Target and shoppers four exclusive limited-edition collections from fashion and home decor brands.

Items from New York's Kirna Zabête (women's apparel and accessories) and Odin (men's apparel and accessories), San Francisco's The Curiosity Shoppe (giftables) and Boston's PATCH NYC (home décor) will surely give Target customers new reasons to keep hitting the Bullseye.

Elegant Orange Bowl, available at PATCH, NYC, $120

Have you checked out the current installment of The Shops at Target?


Sunny said...

I am on Target hiatus. lol. I found myself going in there spending entirely too much! I love that store.

that guy said...

nice post! i will check it out!!