Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crop Tops: Do or Don't?

Classic clothing dominates my wardrobe, but l'm definitely no stranger to purchasing a few trendy pieces here and there. However, I do draw the line when it comes to some of-the-moment fashion statements.  Case in point: the crop top trend popping up in stores across the country.

While it may be cool and cute for young fashionistas born in the 90s to wear, a midriff-baring top is not a good look for me. Considering that I'm days away from turning 32, this trend screams high school teeny-bopper. Perhaps, it's because I owned quite a few of these tummy-skimming tops as a teen, that I just can't seem to bear the thought of wearing them again at my age.

I'd like to think that my style has evolved since 1994 so I'll leave this trend to the teens and twentysomething set.

Motel Strappy Back Cropped Top available at Asos.com for $40

What do you think, are crop tops a do or a don't? What trends have you avoided, past or present?

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kitty vodka said...

NOT! It was bad in high school..can you imagine walking into the office wearing that?!