Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cultural Treasure

All the blogs and magazines that represent and cater to the African-American demographic owe all of their success to one publication – Ebony magazine. This trailblazing magazine paved the way for all of our voices to be heard. Founded by the late, self-made entrepreneur John H. Johnson back in 1945, the magazine has successfully documented all aspects of African-American life from the civil rights movement to the latest fashions. Ebony has informed and enlightened us whether we read at the beauty shop, at our grandparent's house or at the doctor's office. Throughout the years it has consistently been there reporting our news and entertainment.

Creative Director, Harriette Cole.

Over 60 years since it's debut, Ebony is still thriving and even better than ever. Under the creative direction of media-savvy, Harriette Cole (who was appointed Creative Director in early 2007), the magazine has made major improvements artistically. The new look and feel of Ebony is sleek, current and cutting-edge, but still packed with all the photos and stories that BGs (and guys) like me have always enjoyed about the magazine. Ebony has always had a strong presence on newsstands, but now it’s even more eye-catching and I've definitely taken notice.

Be sure to check out the latest issue (also a Collector's Edition) featuring the living musical legend himself – Michael Jackson. Say what you will about Mike, but there's no denying that he helped pioneer the music that we hear today.

Ebony magazine and Michael Jackson, two powerhouses; you just can't get any bigger than that!

Visit for behind-the-scenes at the MJ photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

WoW! Who doesn't love Ebony? I mean Ebony is truly a household name for us BGs. I remember having the new Ebony was as important as having the newest lipstick and that hasn't changed for most of us. I always love their covers and once again I am not disappointed. Michael looks fabulous! Ms. Cole looks pretty darned happy about it herself! That's one BG that ought to be very proud of herself!

Ondo Lady said...

You got to hand to Ebony, they are still standing. They have also moved with times with a fab new website.