Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pucker Up!

You’ve seen her donning some of the most elegant dresses on the red carpet, but she’s not an actress or singer. Keisha Whitaker is an entrepreneur and wife of Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker. This mother of 3 recently launched her own line of lip glosses called, Kissable Couture. The line consists of a variety of “dreamy hues” that will make your lips what else…kissable!

Her flair for fashion has made her a celebrity in her own right. With a style that’s chic and classy, Keisha is definitely on her way to becoming an A-List Hollywood fashionista. Although she always looks like a million bucks, she’s a self-proclaimed bargain shopper. She even confessed on Oprah that two of her favorite stores are Target and Marshall’s. With a serious sense of style like hers, you'd never guess!

You can buy her lip glosses online or if you’re in the NYC area, they will be available at Henri Bendel’s starting tomorrow (11/8).

"Forest" named after her husband retails for: $22.00

"Chris" is a peachish color that retails for: $22.00

"Dylan" is described as pink perfection and it retails for: $22.00


Anonymous said...

Damn the lip gloss, let's talk about that fabulous dress. It is just so pretty and girly! I want it! Now, about the gloss. I've said before I prefer the matt look but was considering trying gloss...until I saw that it costs $19. Now, I know I'm old school but is that not a bit much for gloss. I'm sticking with matt and I'll just keep licking my lips like LL! HA!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me hip to what's new. I love lip gloss, and I can't wait to own a personal collection of Mrs. Whitaker's lip shine. Like Lil' Mama, my lip gloss will be POPPIN!