Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meet Joan Vaccianna -- A Fashion Icon In the Making

Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenburg, Donna Karan, Tracey Reese, yes we have all heard of these phenomenal female fashion designers, but some of you may not be as familiar with Joan Vaccianna, but that will soon change. Her sexy, sophisticated and ultra feminine line, Vaccianna, is sure to make all the true fashionistas and style mavens stand up and take notice. Her keen eye for detail, while keeping her silhouettes and color palettes basic is remarkable.

She’s already shown her line at the highly lauded Brooklyn Fashion Week(end) in New York City.

At the rate she’s going, her elegant designs will surely grace the bodies of some of our favorite BG celebrities as they grace red carpet events around the world. Look out because here she comes!

BGG: When did you start the Vaccianna Collection?

JV: My first season was fall 2007 and the collection was debuted in Brooklyn Fashion Weekend show in March of this year. That was the beginning of the Vaccianna Collection.

BGG: Where are you from?
JV: I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. I grew up in Canarsie, but lived in almost every borough. There’s no place in the world like Brooklyn, and that is where I live now.

BGG: How old are you if you want to disclose your age?
JV: My birthday was in October, and I actually forgot how old I was going to be this year, so … that’s how old I am; I’m at the age of forgetfulness (laugh).

BGG: Did you go to design school? If so, where?
JV: I am always asked this question and the answer is yes I did go to school for Fashion Design. However, I have a tendency to skip that question because I believe some designers are taught to become designers and then there are the rare few that are born designers … it's innate.

BGG: Describe your collection.
JV: Sophisticated funk, Romantic rock and roll … these are the words I use to describe the Vaccianna Collection. The collection lends to the look of today’s trends but has many classic elements in the design.

BGG: What materials do you like to use the most? Why?
JV: I have a great affinity towards denim. I think denim has recently honed versatility in fashion that women are not giving up anytime soon. I love to use denim in silhouettes that are usually seen in high-end designs. It thrills me to see a fabric that is used for casual wear transition into couture pieces.

BGG: Describe your customers.
JV: My collection caters to women who are young in age, heart, and spirit. The woman that wears this collection is confident, sexy, and sure that she is a showstopper. The Vaccianna women’s contemporary collection is a beautiful addition to her already existing wardrobe that is fabulous.

BGG: Describe your biggest challenge breaking into the fashion industry.
JV: In one word … Finances. It costs to participate in shows, produce a line, and continue the business consistently. Money matters are always a challenge when getting a break in any industry.

My biggest challenge also was in believing I could do it in the first place. Many people never follow their dream and they live with the “what if” syndrome. I couldn’t live with the “what if “in my life. With that said, in all honesty there are many things that you could come up against in starting a collection in the industry, but isn’t that the same with everything in life … so if you dare to dream it … you might as well do it and don’t give up when you do Brown Girls, don’t give up. Every success story starts and ends with resilience.

BGG: If you could dress one BG celebrity, who would it be? Or if you've already dressed her, who is she?
JV: It would be an honor to dress the one and only songstress Sade. She is a Brown Girl (woman) who I would love to see back in the limelight and wearing one of my pieces. She is the epitome of the Vaccianna woman … Beautiful, Sexy, Classy, and Timeless.

BGG: Where can customers buy your clothes?
JV: At this time, anyone interested in the Vaccianna Collection can email me at to purchase. Although my website is under construction at this time, I have a wonderful myspace page under that has both Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 collections. Feel free to contact me.


K-Bear said...

How great is that? A BG doing her thing and getting kudos from another BG! Not only do I absolutely love the items you have posted, I love that she seems like a regular BG who simply followed her passion! She is truly an inspiration. Thanks, BGG for shining a light on this up and coming star. BGs unite! We should all support our sisters whenever possible!

TravelDiva said...

Fantastic write up. I agree. Too often we get trapped into just doing what everyone else is doing. Kudos to this sista for pressing forward in an industry I know is difficult to break into, especially for women of color.

Anonymous said...

I love the outfits! I also love the fact that she is a black women trying to make it in the world because it is so hard for us. I can only give her mad love and support for her efforts and success so far. ( You Go Girl!) Congradulations and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that we all sometimes forget things doesn't matter the age but it's ok for someone like you especially if you are trying to start your own career. I love the outfits they look great! I'm sure when they are worn they will be a head turner. Just keep your head up and the belief in yourself and God because there is always something that will try to break you. I look forward to some even more beautiful outfits.

Nicole said...

Wow I must say I had never heard of Joan Vaccianna before now (Thanks BG). I am a true lover of fashion and appreciate the pressence of a "Brown" Girl on her way up and trailblazing through the fashion industry. She is officially my new favorite person to google.

Azeeza said...

I love hearing about the next big thing before it hits mainstream America... Seems like Brown Girl Gumbo is right in the eye of the storm ;)

Can't wait to see who you highlight next!!

Anonymous said...

Your outfits look fabulous! I know it is very difficult for women of color in any buisness so stay focused and follow your passion.

KreativeMix said...

Fabulous interview!!!!! Fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! I will definitely check out her page and I look forward to wearing a BG design and spreading the news.

Alfreda said...

What a great interview! Joan Vaccianna is fresh and something all BG can look forward to. As a mature over 50 BG, her looks are something I can see my self in. Your interview with Joan drew me in as to who she is and where she's going as her line flourishes. I look forward to more on her from BGG. Kudos to you BGG for giving us a BG who is doing it big.

MeMe said...

Wow! I am so happy and excited to learn about an up and coming clothing line by such a creative BG! I am going to her website right now to do some holiday shopping for myself! So far from what I have seen from this blog I know there is something wonderful in store for me when I go online to the site. Thanks from one BG to another!

Anonymous said...

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