Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Get to Steppin'

I try to eat foods that are good for me, but that isn’t always as easy it seems. Especially, due to my unyielding craving for sugary candies like gummi bears, sour watermelon slices and Skittles. So when I feel that I’m beginning to pack on a few unwanted pounds, I put my foot down – literally and hit the pavement.

Walking is my favorite form of exercise because it’s relaxing and allows me to shed pounds while taking in the scenery. Because I live in New York, which is the preeminent walking city, it’s easy for me to keep my weight down because we walk everywhere!

If I need to go to the store – I walk; if I want to go out to dinner – I walk. So for those of you who don’t live in pedestrian-friendly cities like me, get out of your cars and start walking. Maybe you can take a walk to your local drugstore, doctor’s office or your child's school instead of driving. Or, grab your beau and suggest a romantic walk in the park. Whatever you decide, walking can get your heart pumping.

With the holiday season upon us, walking can definitely be an effective weapon against those pesky pounds that are sure to sneak up from eating all those delicious dishes at Big Momma’s house.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a tip I can surely use as I chomp down on yet another piece of Halloween candy. I'm not even a candy lover but who can resist a teeny tiny chocolate candy bar. They are just so cute and seemingly harmless :-) Unfortunately, I live in Houston and we don't even walk to the mailbox...for real! I guess I should give it a try especially since I plan on doing some serious damage this holiday season. 2007 was CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Walking is a great form of exercise, because you can move at your own pace. Not to mention the effect it has on the body. before I started walking daily, I had legs like jello. Now, I have legs like Tina Turner. I kind of feel like Kanye,"you can't tell me nothing."

Anonymous said...

For the Houstonian who mentioned they drive everywhere, I suggest investing into a bicycle. Unlike New York, there isn't a store on every corner in Houston. A bicycle can get you where you're going faster than walking, and it's a great form of excercise.

browngirlgumbo said...

Anon, you are absolutely right. Biking is also an effective form of exercise. I know that it's still warm in that part of the country so go for it!

TravelDiva said...

Soooo true. I walk during lunch. It's a great way to get in exercise during a busy schedule.