Monday, August 8, 2011

Cross Your Heart

For the past 8 years I've been basically carrying my life around in huge bags. Whether satchels, hobos, buckets, or totes, big bags have been my go-to purses to house everything from iPads to bobby pins to a countless collection of lip-glosses.

That is until I decided to downsize my daily essentials (that I carry) and ditched my bottomless pit purses. Now, when I grab my bag, it's a small cross-body purse that is practical as it is pretty.  Plus, they're effortless to carry - so you can wear them with ease.

Check out a few of these small wonders: 
Michael Kors Small Messenger Saddle Bag available at for $178

Gem Lock Flap Cross-Body Bag available at for $148

Nine West Lady Likes Small Cross-Body Bag available at for $31

Percy Cross-Body Bag available at for $198

Rebecca Minkoff Zebra Hair Calf Mini available at for $275

Pour La Victoire Leather Mini available at for $225

Topshop Red Leather Zig-Zag Stitch Cross-Body Bag available at for $60

See by Chloe Black Fluffy Cherry Party Fringe Bag available at for $495

Turn-Lock Leather Cross-Body Bag available at for $79.50

Do you prefer large or small handbags? 


Tiffany said...

Cute but I still love my big ole Purse.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Angela said...

Definitely large! My husband calls my bags "luggage"!

Anonymous said...

I love LARGE bags!!!

LoveMeMore said...

I love a big bag too but I've been considering downsizing. My big bags are killing my back.

Anonymous said...

Nice and small. I like!

Sherita said...

I LOVE my big purse. I have a few of the small bags and i hardly ever use them.

Al said...

Big Bags for the win!

HaitianPhoenix said...

How funny, I recently bought a smaller bag because I was going to PR and didn't want to attract any negative attention. But I actually loved the smaller bag, it was for small enough for the essentials and not bulky as my regular bag. It actually has me thinking that I may need to downsize.

Nada Jo said...

i love big bags, but I'm trying to take a load off my shoulders. I've been carrying clutches and wristlets more often.

T said...

You know what. The small bags are SO cute and on trend. I can't do it though. I don't have a car, so my life needs to literally fit into my purse. No stashing flip-flops in the trunk for later. They have to go in a big bag. The bigger the better!

muebles pozuelo said...

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Thomas said...

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