Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabulousness at Your Fingertips

If you're tired of your nails chipping by the second day or hate playing the waiting game until your polish dries, then the Sally Hansen Salon Effects may be just the "nail candy," you need to add flair to your fingertips. 

The nail effects (or nail sticker strips) are a budget-friendly collection of eclectic patterns and bright colors that will certainly garner attention. With only two steps to follow (apply and shape), it's a fast and fashionable alternate to regular polish. Plus, there's no drying time whatsoever. The Salon Effects last up to 10 days and can be easily taken off with nail polish remover. I've tried the nail effects and surprisingly the claims hold true. They lasted over a week through dishwashing, heavy duty chores, and typing without any chipping. 

While I'm a big fan of this product, I will caution you to take your time and select the stripes that best fit your own nails. Some of the strips that you may assume are automatically made for a specific finger--I assure you--it might not cover your nail the way you want.

Overall, the application process may take up to 15 minutes to complete. However, with each package only costing about $8 to $10 dollars, you can't lose.

Have you ever tried these strips? If so, what did you think? One lucky reader will win a pack. Simply "Like" Brown Girl Gumbo on Facebook,  Tweet me, or leave a comment for your entry.

By: Khadijah C.


Nada Jo said...

I kept saying I'd try Minx, but I think I'll try this first! Thanks for posting!

K. Rock said...

I haven't tried them but I would love to!

MsღLotus said...

I tried the multicolored glitter pack. It lasted two weeks and difficult to take off. I think that this was due to the glitter color. This product is a great investment. If anyone tries it, be careful when applying, and try not to stretch the stickers too much. Choose the sticker that fits best on your nail.

Angela said...

I haven't tried them, but I would like to!

Nerd Girl said...

I love these things! I used the "fishnet" pattern - really quite subtle and pretty. I took mine off after 10 days with no difficulties. If my own nails hadn't grown out so much, I would have left them on longer.

I haven't used them since, but definitely plan on using them again. Great product, especially for the price. said...

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