Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Biggest Beauty Blunder

As women, we've all had those rare occasions when we decide to step outside of our cozy, cosmetic comfort zone and test a trend. Well, I recently took a huge leap outside of my usual beauty box and wore a fire-engine red lipstick.

Despite my hubby being against the sultry shade, I colored my lips a deep crimson hue. What do men know about beauty, right? Well, apparently my husband knows what works for me. After looking at the pics snapped from my night of rocking red lips, I was nothing less than mortified. I quickly realized that nudes, neutral and pink shades are more my speed.

I'll leave all-things-red to Rihanna.

What has been your biggest beauty blunder?


Anonymous said...

Dramatic winged eye liner. One stroke too many, at the wrong angle can ruin an entire look. When I first started playing with make-up I could never get it right. Liquid eye liner is no joke!

Karina said...

I've noticed the same issue with red lipstick, love it in person but it doesn't photographic well on me ..Pink though, splendidly wonderful :)

Nellie said...

Super shimmery eyeshadow. I took one look in my office mirror and well, there was no eye makeup that day!

T said...

I like frosted lip colors, but they don't photograph well. I look like Tyrone Biggums. Womp.

Bubbles said...

Red lipstick. I love it, but it really isn't my friend. I'm still trying to keep hope alive though. LOL