Thursday, August 11, 2011

Natural Hair Wonders

Now that I've been wearing my hair natural (no longer relaxing) for the past 3 1/2 years, it's exciting to see so many products on the market available for women who have kinky/curly/coily hair like mine.

A photo of me taken via Instagram during a recent trip to Miami. Btw, I know I'm late, but don't you just love that app?

I'll admit, it took me some time to find the right products to complement my coarse curls. But, after trying scores of puddings, potions, and more, I've finally found a few products that can transform my dull and dry strands into lush and lovely locks.

From Carol's Daughter to Ouidad to Miss Jessie's, there are countless lines that specialize in naturally curly hair.  Although the search can be frustrating, just be patient until you find the products that suit your tresses best.

Here are a few of my top picks:
This deep conditioner smells as good as sounds. I only use this once a month, but it moisturizes my strands to perfection.

I've been truly loving so many L'Oreal products lately! This entire sulfate-free system makes my strands frizz-free, which helps to accentuate my natural curl pattern.

Talk about a heavy-duty curling gel! This pleasantly scented curling custard turns drab curls into intensely sleek, defined ones.

There are many Carol's Daughter products to covet, but the Hair Milk line is by far my favorite. The light-weight formula adds a bit of shine and moisture without weighing down hair. Plus, it has a fresh, lemon-like scent that livens up your locks.

Do you wear your hair natural or relaxed? If you wear your hair natural, what are your favorite products that help bring out your natural curl pattern?


Anonymous said...

Newly natural and I love kinky curly as well, just trying the hair milk not sure yet. Haven't tried Ms. Jessie but I just might. Thanks for the reviews.

Miss Mika said...

BGG, your hair is GORGEOUS!

I've been a natural now for almost 4years now, and I have to say, KCCC is one of my favorite products. It was something I used in my TWA stages and I still use the custard and leave in products to this day. I am also a huge fan of Shea Moisture products, especially the curl enhancing smoothie leave in. Out side of those and a little unrefined shea butter, EVOO, and Coconut oil, that is really all I use for moisture :)

Sherita said...

I love your hair natural. My hair is so awful by the time it's time for a perm, I will NOT go there. Natural hair is not for everyone and I think that includes me.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Miss Mika - THanks so much!! I have fully embraced my natural hair. However, I must admit, I do still flat iron it from time to time for a different look. I'm going to have to try your suggestions!

@Sherita - You're right, it's not for everybody and some days I wonder if it's for me! ahahahah I believe that women should wear their hair in styles that make them feel confident and beautiful. Whether that's an Afro, braids or weave. To each her own! ;-)

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T said...

I had no idea your hair was natural. It looks great!

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