Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canvas Cutie

Being a bit of a photo fanatic, I couldn't have been more excited when I received an email from Easy Canvas Prints. They asked if I'd like to receive a complimentary 8 x 10 canvas in exchange for an honest review. Since I had always wanted to have a canvas print made, I jumped at the offer.

Now for the hard part...deciding on a photo that I deemed worthy of "canvassing." Having a photography background made my task of narrowing down the chosen pic seem unsurmountable. It literally took me days and countless questions of "do you like this one," to my annoyed husband.

After sifting and sorting through my collection, I finally decided on a simple photo of my daughter, Ava. I don't know what made me select this particular photo (taken on my camera phone), but perhaps it was her innocence captured or the fact that she's wearing stripes, my favorite.

Ava at about 3-months old.

Whatever made me choose this photo, I was surprisingly pleased with the final product. The fact that it was taken on an old Blackberry camera phone made me skeptical about my selection, but the quality of the canvas was outstanding! The image was sharp and the colors were clear and vibrant.

If you're on the market for turning a regular print into a masterpiece, definitely give Easy Canvas Prints a call.

Have you ever turned a picture into a canvas print?


Sherita said...

I've always wanted a canvas of my wedding day! However, I do not have a picture of me and my hubby that i like! So maybe I'll get one of my kids.

Anonymous said...

No but that's a great idea

Anonymous said...

Btw I love the picture

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lovely, I will keep this company in mind!

MosaMuse said...

thats a great picture of your daughter! Sounds like a good idea.

Kwana said...

Lovely and Ava would look great in any medium.

yummy411 said...

BGG she looks just like you.. your mini me!!!! i absolutely love it! i need one of my bundle when he was a wee tot! said...

This won't actually have effect, I suppose like this.