Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Week Spotlight: Atelier AZZA

With all of the Fashion Week hubbub taking place in New York, I'd be remiss if I didn't feature the show that brought me the most excitement - Atelier AZZA. OK, the designer, Azeeza Desai, does happen to be my BFF, but her luxurious designs speak for themselves.

The sophisticated, Indian-inspired "Monarch," line included embellished cardigans, jewel-encrusted red-carpet worthy floor-length gowns, billowy blouses, and other sleek, eye-catching designs. Seeing her one-of-a-kind pieces grace the catwalk at the Say We's (South Asian Young Women Entrepreneurs) Fashion for Compassion show at the Ritz-Carlton last night was by far my Fashion Week highlight.

Photos by: Errol Dunlap

Even if Azeeza wasn't my closest friend I'd still be certain that Atelier AZZA is well on it's way to becoming a coveted brand.

I am unable to rotate the video. Sorry, but at least it's a glimpse. 

Who's your favorite designer? Have you been following this Fashion Week's trends? If so, what lines have caught your eye for spring?


Les Puckao said...
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Azeeza Desai Khan said...

Beyond touched by this post!!! Thank you Karla and Miriam for attending... and you forgot "brought excitement...and tears!" - Don't think I didn't notice your little emo moment, lol. LOVE YOU BFF!

Anonymous said...

oh my god that les puckao person has azeezas face as their profile pic! How disgusting..weirdos

Lee said...

Very nice collection. Hard to pick justbone favorite designer. Michael Kors and Eric Raisina from Madagascar are two I really like.

AnisaM said...

When and where can we purchase these looks from this designer AZZA? Would love that purple dress in the back.

T said...

Your bff is a fashion designer. You should be in a movie. Your life is way more fabulous than you think it is. Write a book!!! You already have at least 1 buyer. :)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@T - Awwww!!! Thanks - that means so much. However, my life is SOOOOOOO un-fabulous!! I do want to write a book though. I'm working on something. I'm glad to know that I'll have one buyer. :-)