Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Red, Oranges and Pinks - Oh My!

If you kept up with last week’s New York Fashion Week extravaganza, I’m sure you not only noticed the eye-catching trends we can expect to wear next spring, but you may have also noticed some celebrity make-up trends that you can wear for the fall.

Normally, fall makeup consists of the darker or vampy hues like grays, deep purples, metallics or anything in the jewel-toned family. However, what I liked seeing the most on our celebrity trendsetters was the concept of bending the rules when it comes to adjusting your makeup for the season—specifically when it comes to lip color.

Check out Solange in this eye-catching bright pink lip-color.

You can achieve a similar look with MAC’s Amplified collection “Girl About Town.” It’s also one of my personal faves. If you want to tone down the lip color, you can always do so with by applying the appropriate lip-liner in the same color family over your lipstick.

With full eye brows and a dewy, “make-up less” look, model Jourdan Dunn rocked in the Jason Wu fashion show wearing a matte orange lip. I typically shy away from matte lip colors since they appear so drying on my lips. However, Revlon has a similar “Coral” shade in the Colorburst collection which is actually pretty moisturizing. More on this in the future!

If you want to turn heads, look no further than applying a sultry, hot color like Red on your pout. I know sometimes we women of color might think red is too hot to trot, however, no matter what your complexion or lip size—there is a RED for you!

The key is to look for the right shade and texture of red that complements you. I would highly recommend visiting a make-up counter to find your perfect match. Oftentimes the drugstore packaging of lip-color may be misleading and can become frustrating trying to find your right color. With a make-up pro—the guesswork is taken out. A visit to your local Sephora or any other make-up counter takes the stress off and allows you to embark in star treatment.

Take a look at Angela Simmons and her perfect red pout. Again, Mac has a similar color in the satin collection simply named “MAC Red.”

There you have it. Will you be embracing fall’s more subdued lip-colors or will you be trying the more bold approach?

Posted by Khadijah C.


T said...

I can't do this one. I have a nude lip color that is oh-so-trendy. It shows up on picture weird... like I look like Tyrone Biggums. So now I'm scared to go extra bold on my lips. I experiment with my eyes.

Great post though!

Azariah said...

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