Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Target Exec Laysha Ward Talks Diversity

Anyone who knows me knows that Target is by far my favorite store. The fact that I visit the superstore at least 4 times a week speaks volumes about obsession.

Granted, I frequent the store to stock up on coveted fashions from Missoni to Jason Wu, and other essentials, but also because the "bullseye" gives back extensively. Plus, it seems to understand the importance and power of diversity, which so many other companies still struggle with despite the tapestry of America.

Laysha Ward, President, Community Relations and Target Foundation, reading with a young girl. Photo Courtesy of Target

That said, in honor of Black History Month, Laysha Ward, the President, Community Relations and Target Foundation (who happens to be a BG), spoke in a recent interview with Target's online magazine about community, who inspires her, and more.

Check out a snippet of the interview:

What does Black History Month mean to you?
Laysha Ward: I celebrate the rich tapestry and melting pot that represents the foundation of the United States 365 days out of the year. But I love how Black History Month opens up the conversation on progress we’ve made in helping people of all backgrounds succeed – and the reality of how far we have to go.

How does Target inspire an inclusive community?
LW: The most important thing any company can do is to listen, and I think that is something we are doing very well right now. We are listening to team members from every background, culture and preference. We are asking what it feels like to work at Target – all the good and all the challenges. And we’re using that information to drive decisions about how to make this a more inclusive place to work – and a stronger company all around.

To read the rest of the interview click here.

How often do you shop at Target?


that guy said...

all the time. im there every weekend.

Ladybug said...

Come on, who doesn't love Target! I love that you can get everything on your list at that one location and they have good quality stuff! Target is just fabulous for busy working moms like me!