Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trend-Setting Styles from 90s' Movie Sets

With the 84th annual Academy Awards airing this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our favorite old-school movies featuring BGs that made an impact on our style.

From Halle Berry’s short and sassy ‘do in  Strictly Business to Janet Jackson’s box braids in Poetic Justice to Nia Long’s lovely deep plum lip color in Love Jones, many BGs across the country went to great lengths to mimic these trailblazing beauty and hair trends from 90s' movies.

Take a trip down movie memory lane:

Halle Berry's role, in 1991's Strictly Business stole the show with her short hairstyle that sent thousands of BGs to salons throughout the country requesting the coveted cut.  

Boomerang showed us brown girls and guys in a refreshing professional light back in 1992, but Robin Givens' long and flowing weave gave hair mavens a new muse to emulate.  

Miss Janet Jackson, the ever-changing style chameleon, brought box-braids to the big screen with her film debut, Poetic Justice in 1993.

We all fell in love with 1997's Love Jones, but Nia Long's sleek wrap do' and daring dark lips also caught our attention. 

Did I miss any movies from the 90s or 2000s that set hair or beauty trends for us BGs? If so, tell me in the comments. Out of these movies mentioned, which was your favorite?


Don said...

i cannot believe to express how many black women on the campus of Jackson State University sported Halle's hairstyle after the film was released.

Ladybug said...

All these ladies had me running to the salon. And to pick a favorite would be impossible. They all held their own in a big way! What a great trip down memory lane! Thanks BGG!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I was too young to copy any of the hairstyles, but I did wear that lip color that Nia Long rocked when I was 15! ahahah