Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You, Don Cornelius

The news of Soul Train founder, Don Cornelius's death leaves me with a heavy heart. Like so many little young brown girls and guys, I made it a point to catch Soul Train every Saturday morning for years.

I remember tuning in to see my favorite acts at the time, Bell Biv DevoeAnother Bad Creation, and En Vogue perform on that famous Los Angeles soundstage. Just thinking about those music-filled mornings brings back such fond memories.

Music is the universal language and Mr. Cornelius showcased it on a weekly basis for decades. His contributions to our rich, cultural history is unprecedented and he will live on forever in our hearts and as we stroll down the next "Soul Train," line at a wedding. :-)

May he rest in love, peace and soul!

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Ladybug said...

It makes me sad to know anyone could feel that down and out. It's really difficult to know a person so admired and special couldn't get thru and felt he needed to end it. I know many of us would have been willing to help him if we could have. Oh well...