Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BGG Chats with Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson's enviable cheekbones, smooth cocoa brown skin, almond-shaped eyes, and megawatt smile defined black beauty in the 70s and beyond. Having graced more than 500 magazine covers throughout her career, including the coveted first Vogue cover featuring an African-American model, Johnson, 59, has staying power that's proven that she's by far more than just a pretty face.

The model/actress who can be seen in Tyler Perry's latest film, Good Deeds, also recently relaunched an eponymous haircare product and ponytail line available at Target and Beverly Johnson. Plus, she's heading to the small screen with: Beverly's Full House, an OWN networked-produced docu-series guaranteed to give us a glimpse into the woman behind the magazine covers, movies, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

I recently spoke with the super talented supermodel-turned-mogul about her upcoming projects, being a grandmother, and more. Check it out below:

On getting her reality show on Oprah's Winfrey's OWN network.
"The last time I was on her (The Oprah Winfrey Show) show, I told her that I had a couple of great shows that I'd like to pitch to her. I had a pitch meeting with her producers and they were like, "Wow, that's a great show and wow, that's a great show." Then I said that there was one other show that I didn't have completely fleshed out, but I started telling them about the funny stories about my daughter and her family moving in with me. And they were like, "That's the television show."

Sneak Peek: Watch the First 5 Minutes of Beverly's Full House

On becoming a grandmother.
"Yay, baby Ava! I'm so in love. She's 8-months old. The name (Ava) is coming back. I chose the name. It's such a beautiful name and it's romantic, but it's strong. It just has so much character. What was so beautiful about Beverly Johnson's Full House is that Ava's whole life is recorded since the time she was born. It's kind of nice because all of that is documented."

On what she learned from taping Beverly's Full House.
"I was surprised to learn things about me. I'm an authentic person to begin with meaning I don't really put on airs, but you really see yourself for who you are and what was so interesting with this show is that you learn so much about yourself. I'm thinking that i know everything about myself, but I realized that I really don't know anything about myself. I'm watching it and saying, "No, you didn't just say that or you're short with someone or being moody."

One her most cherished magazine cover.
"The Vogue (1974) cover. That's the one that defined me. That's the one that defined black beauty in America where they finally said, "Ok, we are beautiful and they acknowledged that in mainstream America."

Beverly Johnson was the first black model ever to land the cover of Vogue in 1974.

On whom she enjoys seeing grace the runways. 
"I love Joan Smalls, Liya Kebede, Jessica White, and others;  I like keeping up with the girls."

Advice for aspiring models. 
"Always have a Plan A, B, C, and D! It's not that kind of career that's going to last forever. I also insist that they continue with their education. That's something that no one can ever take away. That's the same advice I gave my daughter and it's the same advice I give to all young ladies."

On what sets her products apart from other brands. 
"I'm doing something that I was always afraid to do and that is to go into business myself. For the last line I had partners and the hair extension company was a royalty licensing agreement. I decided that it's either now or never so I took the leap of faith.

The new haircare line are my dream products. I always felt that there was always a hole in multicultural haircare market. Everything is not about Shea butter and I love Shea butter! The products that I had before were ok, but now these are my dream products. It's my direct involvement in the sense that I own my own power. It was time for me to do what I thought was best and that's what we're doing."

Top Model Shampoo available at www.beverlyjohnson.com for $12.95

On her absolute must-haves from the line. 
"'Top Model' shampoo and the 'Work It' conditioning treatments are just divine products. Also the shine spray can be used on very fine or curly hair because it's really light-weight. Target only has 7 of our products, but my website Beverly Johnson has all 24. There's something for everybody on the site. I also just began my introductory skincare products too.

The price-points are a bit higher from the first Beverly Johnson brand, but the new and improved line is reflective of the quality. We also have my all new dream packaging!"

On being an entrepreneur.
"More women are going into business now more than ever before. People shouldn't be afraid. There's  certainly room for more women to go into business."

Beverly Johnson's Full House premieres Saturday, March 31st at 10PM, EST on OWN

Will you tune in to watch Beverly's Full House?


Ladybug said...

I will definitely try some of her products and I will definitely tune in to watch her new show! She is still soooo beautiful. I wish her the absolute best!!

Anonymous said...

i might check this out. nice interview.