Monday, March 5, 2012

Oprah To Interview Bobbi Kristina

As reported last week, Oprah has landed the first interview with the late Whitney Houston's family. On Sunday, March 11, Lady O will sit down with the pop diva's sister/manager, brother, and the love of her life, her daughter: Bobbi Kristina.

I'm shocked that they're already speaking out about the passing of their beloved "Nippy," but everyone mourns differently. Also, I'm no psychologist, but perhaps talking publicly about their grief might be therapeutic. Whatever the case, I'll definitely be tuning in to hear what the Houston family has to say.

Watch a sneak peek below:

Oprah's Next Chapter will air on OWN Sunday, March 11 at 9pm/EST

Will you be tuning in? Did you watch Whitney Houston's funeral?


Anonymous said...

yes, i will check it out!

Ladybug said...

Of course I will be watching and I tried to watch the funeral but it was just too fake for me. Come on, she did one movie with that guy and now he's speaking at her funeral. Anyway, I think it's pretty soon for an interview but I won't miss it!