Thursday, December 20, 2007

BG: Mary J. Blige's New CD

If you haven't already bought the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige's new CD, Growing Pains, you should do so immediately if you enjoy good hip-hop/R&B music. One of the best R&B BG singers of our time, Blige doesn't disappoint with her latest project. Although it isn't her best work, the CD is still worthy of inclusion in your MJB collection.

Growing Pains, is her 8th CD (not including live or special albums), but it still manages to have a fresh sound. Of course it still has Blige's signature R&B flavor, but the CD definitely reflects her maturity and newfound confidence.

The uptempo intro track, "Work That," is a testatment to her positive self-image and she encourages women to find their own too. Her first single from the CD, "Just Fine," is by far the best song on the album. This infectious, feel-good song just makes you want to hit the dance floor.

Growing Pains is sprinkled with other sweet-sounding tunes, especially her smooth duet with Usher in "Shake Down." Staying true to her customary rap-infused/R&B roots, the CD includes features with hip-hop heavyweights Ludacris and Pharrell.

"Just Fine" Video:

The CD appropriately closes with the harmonious, "Come to Me (Peace)," which is akin to an uplifting choir-sung spiritual. This particular ballad will definitely be one of Blige's classic performance songs.

From What's the 411, to her latest installment, Blige will and always be the R&B voice of this generation. Her truthful, soulful and unique sound has often been imitated, but she'll always be an original.

P.S If you're in the NYC area, you can meet Mary J. Blige at the Carol's Daughter store in Harlem today (12/20) at 6pm. You can pick up her new CD along with some Carol's Daughter goodies too!


K-Bear said...

Don't you just love Mary J?! I love her style but mostly I love how genuine she seems to be. As for her new CD...can anyone listen to Just Fine without getting up to dance? I doubt it! :-)

bam said...

I love MJB, but i'm having a hard time finding the boot-leg man in Houston.

nilla cookie said...

I LOVE MJ. She's so awesome! I saw her perform on The Today Show this morning and she is just as lovely as ever. Her voice is amazing and I love her!

Afrodite said...

Yeah, Mary J!!

Booo, Carol's Daughter! It does nothing for my natural hair.