Thursday, December 13, 2007

Iman Launches New Line

This seems like a busy week for our BG fashion entrepreneurs. First the Simmons sisters announce the expansion of their line, Pastry earlier this week and now supermodel and fashion icon, Iman, is launching Iman Global Chic, which will include handbags and accessories on Saturday (Dec. 15th) exclusively on the Home Shopping Network.

Her internationally inspired fashion style will definitely be reflected in this affordable line. As we BGs already know, Iman also has a wonderful cosmetic line which she created with us in mind.

Here are a few of her pieces from Global Chic:

Glamourous day planner $19.95

Vintage inspired handbag $54

Gold-toned cuff $49.95


K-Bear said...

Okay ladies, now I love Iman..who doesn't but judging by these pics fashion might not be her thing. I guess the braclet is okay but certainly not unique at all. The purse is okay but the day planner is just so me anyway. I think stars think they can just toss out any old thing and we'll think it's great just because their name is attached. What's up with that?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

LOL @ K-Bear's comment!!! I guess you won't be watching the HSN on Saturday!!

Afrodite said...

That planner and cuff is so cute!

K-Bear said...

You won't believe. I invited my girlfriend to attend my company holiday party this past weekend. The theme was denim & diamonds. She had a purse that was very similar to Iman's planner. Once again, I'm just not in the know. I kept staring at it and before long, I kinda liked it...kinda.

bam said...

k-bear if you have to stare at it, that means you don't like it. Not even a little bit!

K-Bear said...

Bam, I think you're right! I guess I'm a bit particular about my bling. I don't think I really go for the big huge chunky stones.