Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho for the Host(ess)!

Remember when I shared with you my favorite festive frocks to don during this season of holiday soirees? Well it’s just about that time to put on your pretty party dress and head to your merry affairs.

But before you get into a frenzy about what you're going to wear, don’t forget to pick up a nice gift for your host(ess). Because we BGs always demonstrate proper etiquette, it’s essential that we gift the host(ess) with a nice thank-you when attending a function at someone’s home.

The good news is that the offering doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple and affordable gift will show your appreciation for his/her hospitality. Plus, it just feels good to give!

Here are a few suggestions:

These cute Cuisinart bottle openers will make your host(ess) want to crack open that bottle of wine they've been saving! Available at for $9.98

You can never go wrong with chocolates because most people love it! Available at for $42 These are pretty pricey, but you can find other chocolate gift sets much more affordable.

Your hostess will thank you for these adorable travel candle tins. Available at for $26

Even though I'm not a card player, many folks enjoy card games! Available at for $20

If you know about the party far enough in advance, cute monogrammed bar soaps will be a nice touch. Available at $36.

Flowers are always a sure bet! Poinsettias are perfect for the holidays.


K-Bear said...

Oh I love these gift ideas..simple but a perfect way to say thanks for inviting me! BGG, I hate to say it but I didn't always know that you show bring a gift to the hostess. I would appreciate any other etiquette tips you may have for me. When I think of all the times I showed up empty handed and left with a plate...I could scream. Nobody told a sistah!

KreativeMix said...

love em!!

bam said...

Thanks for the tips. I see playing Santa can be fun and affordable.