Monday, December 3, 2007

Picture Perfect!

I don’t know about you, but last month I took dozens of digital family photos during the Thanksgiving holiday. Capturing the fun and enjoyment of being with my family through photographs is something that brings me great pleasure. I’m sure my little cousins, nieces and nephew hate to see me coming because I always round them up for what probably seems to them like an annoying nonstop snapshot session!

That’s why I am dying to get my hands on the latest gadget for photo-loving folks like me – the digital picture frame. Now, with these innovative frames you can simply upload your photos and have your own personal slideshow at your desk! Even though my husband thinks these devices are a huge waste of money, I think they’re rather cute and a great way to display your favorite photos. Maybe someone on your Christmas list will think so too!

Above: Royal Business Machines 10.4" Digital Picture Frame available at Circuit City for $229.95


KreativeMix said...

hey chica!! thanks for your nice compliments. I love that frame. i saw a couple of those at bed bath and beyond for much less, but then they're probably not as fab!!!

K-Bear said...

Bed Bath and Beyond here I come. I love these new high tech picture frames. I'm old school so I remember when the computer came on the scene and now everything has changed. It's either digital, in high definition or plasma! I just wish my mom and my grandparents could have lived to see it all. It would have blown them away. Hey, they were still leary of the microwave! Having their photos displayed on a digital frame will be awesome! Thanks BGG

browngirlgumbo said...

Kreativemix, thanks for telling me about BBB, I wouldn't think that they'd have digital picture frames. :-)

bam said... picture frames! What will they think of next?