Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lovely, Luscious Lashes!

One of my very first BGG posts was dedicated to my favorite mascara of all time - Maybelline's Great Lash in Blackest Black. Although it's still my everyday, go-to mascara, I have tried a few others that are pretty good as well. The way mascara magically lenghthens, highlights and simply beautifies eyes is something that I just can't do without.

Recently, my favorite cousin, Kelly, challenged me to forgo my routine eye makeup application of eyeliner & mascara for a day. She told me that she had done the same thing and it gave her a more natural, refreshed look. What woman doesn't want to look refreshed? So the next morning I lost the liner, but couldn't bring myself to put down that little black wand! I just couldn't resist having long, dark lashes that only mascara can create! Although I did appear bright-eyed without the liner, I'm convinced that the mascara really made my eyes pop!

If you had to choose, which could you do without, eyeliner or mascara?

Check out some of these marvelous mascara must-haves:

Maybelline Great Last Mascara available at www.walgreens.com for $4.79

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara available at www.sephora.com for $9

Covergirl Queen Collection available at drugstores nationwide.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara available at www.sephora.com for $9

Jane Iredale available at www.janeiredaledirect.com for $32

Too Faced Mascara available at www.sephora.com for $8.50

MAC Pro-Lash Mascara available at www.maccosmetics.com for $11


Kiss Kiss Beauty said...

I've heard so much about Great Lash but have actually never tried it! It must be good; it's on everybody's list of favorites.

@Ms. Gumbo and other readers - which of these other mascaras do you like best?

And I have to say I'd go without eyeliner before mascara. I look better with eyeliner, but mascara is faster and a day without eyeliner does make you look "fresh," I agree.

K-Bear said...

BGG, I'm stunned that MAC's fabulous ZOOM didn't make your list. It is my absolute favorite. As for choosing to go without, once upon a time I wouldn't go anywhere without my eyeliner, however, today I must have my mascara. I truly believe I look younger without eyeliner but for knockout sex appeal I must have both!

Ros said...

I could definately go without the mascara simply because I never wore it before but I do love my eyeliner. I guess since I'm trying all kinds of new stuff this spring and summer I'll give the mascara a go and see if I like it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to wear mascara, but so far I have not found the perfect match for me.
Every time I wear mascara two hours later I'm part of the raccoon family.
Does anybody have suggestions for this problem? Maybe I should try the Mac Pro-Lash.

T said...

@ mimieyes, girl you HAVE to invest in waterproof. Believe me, you won't look like a racoon two hours later. It's usually only a couple more dollars, but it makes big a difference.

BGG, At least 4 days of the week (usually more), I don't wear a stitch of make-up at all. If I know someone's going to have a camera, I must have on eyeliner (Otherwise my eyes look sunken in).

When I first started wearing make-up way back when I would just wear brown eyeliner. Then year by year I added mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation and as of late concealer. ICK!

So that's a long answer to say, given the choice, I'd pick eyeliner over mascara. (Cause my eyelash curler always gets the lashes looking luscious) :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Since I had my first introduction to Mac this past weekend, I just have to try their mascara.
@ Kiss Kiss beauty I have tried the covergirl queen collection mascara, it's not perfect but it is a good prodcut, I would buy it again.
BBG I would have to take eyeliner over mascara I just like the way it brings out my eyes.
Product Junkie diva

kitty vodka said...

ok now how do i go about applying fake lashes?

antithesis said...

i LOVE great lash. ive never used any other kind. if i had to choose i would go without liner. i dont wear them both at the same time anyway b/c i dont think it looks right on me. it looks cute on everyone but me.

Kwana said...

You are so on the edge BG! I too and an everyday Great Lash girl. But I also really like CG Volume Exact. We must be seperated at birth! On days when I just want to run I actually go without the eyeliner and just do a few quick swipes of mascara. I need the lashes or I just look tired.

Don said...

BGG, you are one the most feminine female bloggers I've come across.

I think you are great.

Divine Blackness said...

Are we not on the same page or what? I just did a post over at Clumps of Mascara about Great Lash. I personally, love it but a lot of my readers aren't too big on it.

Does the perfect mascara even exist? *sigh*

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Divine - OMG, I didn't even know you did that post just YESTERDAY!!! I guess great minds think alike - wow, that's so funny. I always forget to visit your other blog, I'm so enthralled with Rantings of a Rebella!!

Anyway, I swear by Great Lash!!

Anonymous said...

I've never used mascara before. Does it really make a difference?

yummy411 said...

wow~ what a hard decision.. funny thing is, when i do my makeup, i somehow seem to forget my mascara being in a rush! so while i can practically say the mascara, without makeup on, i would totally want mascara. loreal voluminous and dior show are my favorites!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Yummy - I was so going to post Dior Show!! I don't know why I didn't...I was so tired last night.

@Ashley-Nicole - It really does make a difference - to me at least!

@Kiss Kiss - I actually like Great Lash the best, but the other would be the MAC one.

@K-Bear - I've never tried the "Zoom" I'll have to look into it!

@Ros - You sure are going to be a girly girl this spring/summer aren't you! :-)

@Mimieyes - Definitely go for the waterproof mascara. You'll never look like the masked furry creature again! LOL

@T- Wow, I don't know if I could go without wearing some kind of makeup - I'm addicted! Although i don't wear foundation, I must wear undereye concealer and mascara!

@Product Junkie - I love my eyeliner too!

@KittyVodka - I've only worn false eyelashes once - on my wedding day and it wasn't my best look! LOL I'm willing to try them again one day...for what occasion I have no idea!

@ Anti-Thesis - Maybe you're not applying it properly. I just can't see it looking bad on anyone.

@Kwana - Yes, we are separated at birth on so many things! LOL

@Don - You're such a sweetheart. :-)

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

can't...put...down...the...masacra....i just can't

Afrodite said...

I can do without eyeliner but I gotta have my Maybelline Great Lash. That's actually all I have on today. That and gloss.

Sanura said...

My sensitive eyes love L'Oreal's Carbon Black Telescopic Mascara. It's budget friendly, defines each lash and it's a super, rich black.