Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Tips for Shopping Online

As you can probably guess, I do a lot of online shopping. I'm one step away from being an bonafide online shopping adddict! I can spend hours browsing through the endless photos of tops, dresses, jackets, accessories, jewelry, beauty products, linens and everything in between.

What's better than shopping in your PJs in the comfort of your own home? Plus, online stores never close - they're always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Thanks Kitty Vodka for inspiring me to write this piece. :-)

Do you shop online? If so, how often?

Check out some of my tips for an awesome online experience:

1. When you’re ready to buy something from a seller, make sure that the site is safe and legit. When you’re asked to provide payment information, the beginning of the website’s URL address should change from http to shttp or https, indicating that the purchase is encrypted or secured.

2. Google the words "promo codes" and the online store of your choice. There are bound to be great discounts on certain items, shipping, etc. found on websites such as: www.retailmenot.com and www.cashbaq.com.

3. Visit www.shopstyle.com if you're looking for a particular item. For instance, if you're on the hunt for a black, sleeveless, satin dress, this site will show all dresses fitting that description that's available on the web. It's a one-stop shop for all things fashion.

4. Be sure to read the online store's return, refund and shipping policy. Most are very accommodating and even come with prepaid return labels in case that "must-have" Alice & Olivia dress doesn't look quite as chic in-person.


Divine Blackness said...

You know what? I have never ordered anything online....except maybe hair products and jewelery that are only sold online. I'm think I'm one of those, "I want it and need it now" folx. Promo codes? Hmmm....what are your favorite online stores?

K-Bear said...

Oh my goodness. You mean we can go to one site and find a particular item...that's just crazy wonderful! I love shopping online. When I make the purchase I get a thrill and then I get another thrill when the package arrives...like it's my birthday! I think what I love most is no lines, no waiting, no people AND you don't really feel like you're spending money. hehehehe Pray for me, BGG!!

antithesis said...

you gave great advice. i knew about everything except the promo code search and the address bar info. THANKS! i shop online but i usually go to the actual store, if possible, to try on and purchase. i dont have the patience to wait for something to arrive in the mail; i need instant gratification. i need to work on that, it's one of my major flaws.

mimieyes said...

BGG! You have been my inspiration on online shopping.
Great tips for my next buy!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I love online shopping I do it regularly and like Antithesis mentioned I did not know about googling for promo code.
Thanks a bunch!
Product Junkie Diva

kitty vodka said...

glad to be of service :)
you will see lots of packages arriving my my desk soon.

Gotta Let it Out said...

Great advice!

I shop online more often that in stores. I'm talking 75% of the time, my shopping is done online.

Oh and girls, the bestest shoe source ever is www.endless.com , I ♥ this site. Free overnight shipping, (great return policy) and awesome prices. Be sure to check the reviews on each shoe you order, because us ladies got each others backs!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i am an online shopaholic...ESPECIALLY body products!! books, music, baby stuff...i like to make gift packages too, so i find so many neat things hidden online...its TRULY addictive!

Ros said...

I love to browse the internet but I havent't purchased anything. People always saying that things online are schemes but after reading your advice on what to look for I guess I will try it out. I know its must easier than going to the stores standing in them long lines I hate that.

Yasmeen Christian said...

Thank you for the tips.

12kyle said...

It's been a minute since I've shopped online. I'll go in the store more often than not. You know how I do it...get in...get out.


Good tips, tho

PBW said...

I just checked out shopstyle.com. How cool! Thanks for the tip.

that guy said...

i like to try on my clothes in person but my wife did pick out a great jacket for me online

Ananda said...

BGG, I am a online shopper who stalks sales both on and offline. Good example.... I have been stalking a pair of $79 Nine West patent leather sling backs for a minute. Last week I saw them on sale for $49.99 on the Nine West site. Last night, the shopping goddesses sparked my intuition and got me to check Amazon.com for the shoes. And you know what I found? A pair for $23.99. Yep I got them and called it a day. Happy Online Stalking/Shopping! Tyou for the online shopping tips. I purchase shoes, books, and CDs online. I need the instore shopping experience for my clothing. I get my shoes in the store and online. I have found that my online shopping for shoes focuses on brand names that I already wear like Moda Spana and Nine West. I know my feet and how they feel in these brands. However, I still go in the Bandolino and Enzo shops to try on shoes. I also drop into Payless for my yoga shoes and summer espadrilles (just got two pairs. the first was $19.99 and the second was half off.... brown and black peep toe cuties).

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Divine Blackness: What you've never ordered anything online!!! I'm shocked! You should give it a try - just don't become addicted like me. ;-)

@K-Bear - Yup, I'm in love with Shopstyle.com!

@Antithesis - Those promo codes are wonderful!

@Mimi Eyes- Glad I could be inspiring. :-)

@Product Junkie Diva - They really come in handy!

@Kitty Vodka - Bet you didn't think I would do it so quickly!

@Got to let it out - I've got to check out endless.com! Thanks for the tip!

@PCD - We're in the same boat!

@Ros - Do it - you'll love it!

@Yasmeen - You're welcome!

@12Kyle - I know you guys don't enjoy shopping as much - online or in-person! LOL!

@ThatGuy - Your wife probably has impeccable taste!

@Ananda - That's so funny. I've never purchased shoes online! I MUST try on all of my shoes. I can't wear certain brands (i.e Aldo's) Although Nine West are always consistent.

yummy411 said...

great guide! i didn't know the url would change, but i'm always looking down in the status bar at the bottom of the page for a padlock and/or eye symbol...

funny thing is, while i'll order shoes or a dress, i'm soooooo apprehensive about ordering makeup online LOL!

Ashley-Nicole said...

I've never ordered clothes online, only DVDs and Books from amazon.com. I never thought about ordering clothes online, although I have been tempted by the Victoria's Secret catalogs (they have some really nice sweaters,blouses,everything LOL)I wish it was a store, I'm more comfortable with trying on my clothes before I buy them.