Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music Spotlight: Mariah Carey

My favorite singer of all time is the 8-octave-hitting, Mariah Carey. Now that she's officially surpassed Elvis' record of the amount of #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 charts (2nd to the Beatles), Mariah has definitely and justifiably secured her a place in the record books. Her current single, "Touch My Body," is Mariah's 18th chart-topper.

I remember the first time I heard her first single, "Vision of Love," back in 1990 when I was 10-years-old. I thought, "Wow, this person sounds like Whitney Houston." I don't know, maybe it was because I was only a kid and couldn't differentiate voices that well, but nonetheless I loved what I heard!

Now nearly 2 decades later I'm still enjoying Mariah's music. No one can sing a pop/R&B tune like her!! That's why I am anxiously awaiting the release of her latest CD, E=MC2 on April 16th.

What is your favorite Mariah song?

Mariah Carey, 1990

Emotions, 1991

Merry Christmas, 1994

Daydream, 1995

Butterfly, 1997

Rainbow, 1999

Glitter, 2001

Charmbracelet, 2002

The Emancipation of Mimi, 2005

E=MC2, 2008


K-Bear said...

BGG, choosing a favorite MC song is impossible and probably illegal in some states! She is definitely one of my absolute favorites and I'm looking forward to her new CD as well. Isn't it funny how you have a favorite on one CD and you think it will always be your favorite and then she pops out yet another one! Yeah, me and Mariah go way back! Go MC Go!

Just K said...

Great photos of MC. Isn't she the best. I can't wait to purchase her latest and greatest. The big question is...will they now let Elvis rest in peace?!

Anonymous said...

It was the old school songs she sang. Can't really remember but there is one song from the album charm bracelets.

Anonymous said...

One of my faves is her version of I'll be there. I also like One sweet day and Hero, I don't think I can pick just one!

antithesis said...

my favorite Mariah was the Mariah she was on her first two or three albums. i cant just chose one song. a butterfly is very fitting for her because she is constantly changing up her style.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I guess my favorite Mariah song is "Always" ( I don't remember if that is the title) but she says "you will always be my baby" in the song. She has so many great songs. Ohhh Vision of love is another....and I did like honey also...I can go on and on so let me stop here. And I like her latest tune.
Thanks for this post
Product Junkie Diva

T said...

I'm not really a Mariah fan. (I know, don't shoot me). She just doesn't seem authentic enough for me. I know divorce is hard, but she broke out of her shell when she got divorced years ago and never thought to form an identity other than a loose pop-tart.

I'm sorry, no woman over 25 should have her stomach out that much. What if your 38-year old auntie was walking around in the types of clothes Mariah wears? Unacceptable.

But anyway, she's not your 38-year old auntie, she's Mariah, and while I don't care for her, I can't deny her overall fabulousness, nor her amazing vocal strength. Can't pick a favorite song and I would also commit crimes to obtain her shoe collection... I'm just sayin'


Eamon said...

I don't have a fav. song but I do think she has the most amazing voice.

Anonymous said...

my fave mariah carey song is "Breakdown" featuring Bone Thugs in Harmony, "Butterfly" was her best album.

Anonymous said...

If MC is a loose pop tart then that's what I want to be when I grow up! And if I look like that at her age, I might just shed some layers and strut my stuff too :-)

Yasmeen Christian said...

My All- Mariah Carey
Through The Rain- Mariah Carey

Anonymous said...

I can't said that Mariah Carey is one of my favorite singers, but I do like "It's Like That" from The Emancipation Of Mimi.
I also like the mimi part.

12kyle said...

I really thought that her career was a few years ago. Hell, she was dating Eminem!!! LOL. But she bounced back with this last cd. I can't wait to buy...i mean download the new joint.

Afrodite said...

I can't pinpoint my favorite Mariah song but "All I Want For Christmas Is You" comes to mind.

that guy said...

i love that butterfly & rainbow favorite mc song is "breakdown" w/ bone thugs

Anonymous said...

MC helped me through a rough break up with Someday! hahahah I wonder if his someday ever came...sucka! BTW, MC is one of the few superstars that actually look good chubby. I'm glad she lost the weight though so her haters could shut up.

kitty vodka said...

my favs are honey and always be my baby.

Ros said...

Now I would be lying if I had to choose one favorite song of hers. She is so talented and great at what she do you can't help but LOVE all her music and yes indeed I do. I liked her music from the start and as long as she keep up the great work she is doing I will continue to listen to her music.

I can't wait til her cd comes out I know I will love it as will everyone else.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I like many of you can't choose just one favorite Mariah Carey song! Here are my top picks:

Honey, Fly Like a Bird, My All, Emotions, We Belong Together, Rooftop and Breakdown

yummy411 said...

BGG!!! seriously what's up with your rss feed? did it change? i believe i mentioned this before in a comment, but nothing has been showing up on my google reader and you've been doing all of these wonderful updates! gah... i don't see an email addy to touch base with you. oh well.. i hope you see this and i'll be back to hopefully see if you could help remedy this prob. miss ya lady!!