Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the Clutch

We BGs love our handbags and this season's crop of clutches will certainly satisfy our fashion fetish. The latest trends are actually comprised of a variety of styles. You can find everything from opulently oversized to sleek & small envelope clutches in stores and boutiques around the country.

They are the perfect accessory to a pretty sun dress or a sexy ensemble for a night out on the town. The best part is that you won't have to fish for your favorite lip-gloss at the bottom of your purse like with big, bulky bags. It's the perfect excuse to go out and grab a chic clutch!

Check out some of these!

Tory Burch Rattan Clutch available at for $275

CL by Laundry Large Buckle Clutch available at for $16.09

Elaine Turner "Lux Safari Alice" Envelope available at for $325

Coach Legacy Bridgit Clutch available at for $398

Lodis Soft Patent Leather Clutch available at for $142

Nine West "Feeling Exotic" Foldover Medium Clutch available at for $59

NYC by Perlina Patent Flap Clutch available at for $9.99

Kooba "Kayla" Clutch available at for $295


K-Bear said...

BGG, I love your selections! Then again...I love all purses. I just do. What I really love is how the fashion world has decided to let us pick our poison. One day you can pick a big huge tote and the very next day you can choose a tiny but oh so cute clutch. They've given us the same choice with jeans and I love it. I would love to have any of your pics and I'll keep my fingers crossed when I go to the outlet mall! Maybe just maybe I can walk away with one of the fabulous ones tucked under my arm!

Virtuous Blue said...

I just love a great clutch! I am such a fan of sporting them on a night out dancing or for tearing up the town with the girls. Clutches have this stigma of being "easily misplacable", but I just think they are so much more chic than a big handbag when you're going out. Plus, if it's cute enough, i'm not trying to put it down anyway lol.


Kwana said...

You are better than all my fashion mags! I love these clutches. I really "need" one now. The question is black or color? Hmmm...

Ros said...

I think there are cute but I know how I am when I'm out I will sit something down and forget it in a minute thats why I don't need nothing that small. Usually when I go out my purse just hangs on my shoulder and I sometimes forget it's there I'm so use to it. But anything is worth trying you never know I might actually like clutches better. Well that is once I get use to the smallness.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I am screaming BGG because that Kooba has PJD written all over it! Thanks for this post.
Product Junkie Diva

mimieyes said...

Nice to know that I can use a clutch bag anytime.
In my mind I have labeled them as for evening.
Great affordable choices.

kitty vodka said...

oh i couldn't possibly fit my whole life in one of those...hehe

T said...

Good LAWD, I love this blog!!! All those clutches are SO cute! I JUST bought a silver clutch. Very excited about it. :)

Nerd Girl said...

I am so unable to use a clutch. I always forget them! The ones you picked are cute though.

Ananda said...

you read my mind. i was thinking about a clutch yesterday and wondered where i would find a black one. the target clutch is perfect. tyou bgg for the tip.

Don said...

i saw post on torrance's blog where he spoke of a club in atlanta giving away an $5,000 purse.

would you buy a purse that cost that much?

Eb the Celeb said...

I so need that read one... I have been searching high and low for a red cluth

Veronica said...

Some people have voiced concern about loosing a clutch. Let me just say that I am known for sitting things down and leaving them. Surprisingly, a clutch I have never lost and ladies this is because most clutches fit right underneath your armpit whether your wearing a coat, or have a chic dress on. No matter how I move, as long as my arm is in a natural position my clutch stays put which is great if your at a bar and dont want to leave your clutch just sitting around anywhere but you want to have both of your hands (and lap) free. They are way easier to transport necessities needed for nights out on the town without the heavy "baggage" of a tote!!

Veronica said...
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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@ K-Bear - I'm sure you can find a cute clutch - especially at an outlet mall!

@Virtuous Blue - I agree, who wants to go out with a huge bag? Clutches ARE much more chic!

@Kwana - Thanks for the compliment!! Go for black - you'll get more use out of it.

@Ros - You won't lose it. Give it a try!

@Product Junkie - Don't u just love it!!

@Mimi - You can use them day or night! If you have a beaded or fancier one, I'd opt to wear it during the evenings/night.

@Kitty Vodka - That's the challenge of carrying clutches - you have to downsize your life!! LOL!

@T - Thanks so much! Silver is a good choice for spring. :-)

@ Nerd Girl - I'm sorry you've lost past clutches. Maybe you can get some that have the detachable straps, but then again I guess that defeats the purpose of a clutch! LOL

@Ananda - Don't you love Target!?! You get the fashion without sticker shock!

@Don - I don't think I would, but I was told to never say never!! I can say at this point in my life financially there is no way possible that I'd spend that much on a handbag - not going to happen anytime soon! LOL!

@Eb the Celeb - I like the red one too. It's sassy!

@Veronica - By the way, I'm so glad you found my blog just by Googling for a belt. :-) I agree with you, clutches fit perfectly right under the arm!

12kyle said...

Need your advice. I'm thinkin' about getting a summer bag for mrs. 12kyle. Looking for something stylish but not too big. Anything you'd suggest?


that guy said...

nice clutch bags...i could see my wife with the black one or the red

Divine Blackness said...

Clutches are the best thing ever!

Leaving them, not.

PBW said...

That pink Coach clutch is calling my name.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@12Kyle - I would suggest the Calvin City Satchel in "Latte" at for $178. It's not too big and not too small and the neutral color is great for the summer! Good luck!

FashionDevotee said...

Fab finds and great diversity in prices

Ashley-Nicole said...

Hey BGG, I like your selection of clutches, I'm not familiar with them ( I don't like to wear clothes or buy accesories that are small because I'm such a shorty, it means me feel even smaller), but that Kooba "Kayla" Clutch is making me reconsider.

Dominican Enigma said...

i'm loving the red one.